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Who Is Your Staff?


We recently had our 2020 CC Survey and something we found was that nearly 44% of people weren’t familiar with either who is on our leadership team or the functions of that leadership. So, hopefully, this will answer a few of your questions!

Council Members (CM)

The council was formed sometime in late summer of 2005. The community existed for about two years before it was decided that there was enough going on, and the community was growing fast enough, that responsibilities needed to be delegated to a group of people. So it was decided to create a council to help the community thrive and grow.

The stated purpose of a Council Member is to:

  • Uphold the good name of the community
  • Guide and direct the community’s growth and efforts
  • Resolve disputes

A council member has authority in all aspects of the community; this authority is only subject to the will and judgment of the Council as a whole.

A Council Member’s primary responsibility is to steward the spiritual well-being of the community. Other responsibilities include:

  1. Promote the good name of the community
  2. Promote order and good behavior within the community and membership
  3. Resolve interpersonal conflict within the community and staff. No Council Member should sit by when such a situation arises.
  4. Address the concerns of members of the community and guests in the community. This can be handled individually, if appropriate, however may require that the Council Member establishes contact between the member or guest and the appropriate staff member to address their concerns.

There are two types of methods of voting rules when it comes to council votes on issues. 

  1. Minor operational issues (such as adding a new channel to Discord or similar items) can be voted upon by a ‘quorum’ of 4 Council Members. This number is irrespective of the total number of Council Members currently considered active.
  2. Major votes might be concerning major issues that could seriously change the overall direction of the community and possibly have serious ramifications (Like permanently banning an individual from the server). This voting type requires 66% (2/3) of the active Council  in order to pass, 66% of the Council, no matter how many active members there are, 20, 30, 50, or other.

There used to be a few specialized Council Positions and areas of effect, such as Council Operations, Staff Counselor, etc. Most of those positions are shared across all Council Members now, in an overlapping sort of way. One of the key specific positions used to be Bible Study Leader, but that title is since now held by Council Advisors rather than full Council Members.

Council Advisors (CA)

Council Advisors are individuals who are aware and involved with upper leadership issues, and their thoughts are often taken into consideration on issues as their opinion and wisdom is still valid. However, since their level of activity is not that of a full Council Member, they no longer have a ‘vote’ on issues. Not all former Council Members step down to Council Advisor, but they are welcome to do so. If they ever found the time and availability to return to full Council Membership, they would be granted that privilege.


A Moderator’s basic purpose is almost entirely the same as a Council Member, in the sense that they uphold the good name of the community and its members, they are supposed to resolve disputes, encourage and uplift the community, and advise other members of staff. The difference from Council is their level of authority. A Moderator has authority in all aspects of the community; but this authority is subject (and thus hierarchical to) to the judgment of the Council and its Members.

The routine authorities of a Moderator include:

  1. Authority to propose solutions to issues, policy changes, nominate members for staff, etc. in closed meetings and sections of the Discord.
  2. Access to resources as decided by Council as needed

Their abilities are lower in hierarchy than that of CMs and CAs but they still serve the same purpose.

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators are not full staff, as any CC or ACC Member may choose at any time to head up a one-time or recurring event. However, Event Coordinators  are given a few special abilities in order to promote and control their respective events. Many of our existing Moderators are ALSO ECs, though not all ECs are Moderators. If YOU have applied with CC and have become a member, and YOU want to organize an event or series of events, talk to us! Our existing ECs can answer any questions you have!

Event coordinators, much like our Moderators, help keep the Christian Crew vital, and exciting. It’s a pretty great way for any member who is hoping to get into any form of leadership to get a feel for how CC’s sytems work, how our Staff work together, and just to show an eagerness to participate more than average. Don’t hesitate to suggest events, or to take the initiative and plan one yourself!

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November 9, 2020 2:42 am

Great first article, Elidold! Hope to see more!

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