Author: Elidold

The Christmas Bow

Bows – they are everywhere at Christmastime! We wrap bows around our Christmas gifts, we decorate our homes and Christmas trees, and you might even

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Christmas Caroling

Did you know that the word “carol” means to dance or a song of praise and joy? Francis of Assisi (uh-see-zee) introduced carols into formal

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The Candles

Welcome to Day 11 of our Advent study. In the 1600s, the British conquered Ireland and implemented harsh laws that affected Irishmen. The British even

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The Colors of Christmas

Good Morning CC this is day 9 of our Advent study. When we think of Christmas we often think of colors like red, green, white,

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The Star

Good Morning CC! ItsDay 6 of our Advent study.  One of the most iconic symbols of Christmas is the star. We use them to decorate

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