What God Is Teaching Me Through Video Games

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The Christmas Bow

Bows – they are everywhere at Christmastime! We wrap bows around our Christmas gifts, we decorate our homes and Christmas trees, and you might even see a bow tied to the front of a car! Bows are often a finishing touch placed on the center of a gift, making whatever they’re on look beautiful and […]

Who Is Your Staff?

Council Members (CM) The council was formed sometime in late summer of 2005. The community existed for about two years before it was decided that there was enough going on, and the community was growing fast enough, that responsibilities needed to be delegated to a group of people. So it was decided to create a […]

The CC 2020 Discord Survey Results!

We would first very much like to express our appreciation to everyone who took part in this year’s Discord-specific survey! We wanted to give everyone a bit of a breakdown on what kind of results we gathered, and what they could mean to our future! We could use some of this information to guide us […]