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Welcome to ShaddAction Mobile. ShaddaShk uses various mobile games and apps, and shares them with us!

Our updated and current Bible Studies Playlist! (This one is always being added to!)

CC Slideshows (Here’s some CC History for you!

TeamSpeak/Discord Events (This might include Meetings, Giveaways, etc.

Artistic Stuff (So far this is only two digital paintings and a must-see, must-hear RAP.)

Twitch Streams Archived (This is almost all gameplay, we hope to have ‘shows’ soon.)

TF2 Snapshots Quick Clips from an older member enjoying TF2!)

Promos/Intros (The different promo and intro videos of CC over the years.)

Various Gaming Videos (Just different stuff that was uploaded ages ago, uncategorized.)

“What Are You Listening To?” (WALT) (Members add to this all the time!)

CHRISTMAS WALT (“What Are You Listening To?”)

Gaming Events