† Readiness †

Readiness to handle anger with grace.
Readiness to acknowledge the uncertainties of life.
Readiness to acknowledge current events and their potential fallout.

Layers of Security Part Two

Robberies are up 40% over 2019 in Minneapolis. As of three weeks ago, Minneapolis, New York, and Chicago all had more murders in 2020 than

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Layers of Security Part One

Last month, I completed a lock-picking challenge that involved picking, bypassing, bumping, and shimming various types of locks. For one part of the challenge, I

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Social Media Use: Part Two

The First Principle of Social Media Use: Know the game Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore

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Readiness: Urban Unrest

The post I made at the beginning of the pandemic Go-Bags (Click Here)was making the rounds again last week via the CC blog. The post

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(This article is from February 10, 2020, please keep that in mind.) Long post alert: (brace yourselves) So, I’ve had several people reach out to

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