The Abyss

Broadcasts from the Black begin transmission 4.3.3306 Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Pyrie Eurk HV-W c15-0.   ~.*.~ The Abyss is well named. The density of star clusters is the lowest I have ever seen. In addition, I have reached a point beyond which all systems have been entirely explored. My hat is off to the […]


Broadcasts from the Black begin transmission 2.3.3306 Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Skueqiae HZ-Y b20-0.   ~.*.~ The past three days have been well spent, and a great deal of ground has been gained (in a manner of speaking). It was right for me to assert in my last report that I should be well within […]


Broadcasts from the Black begin transmission 28.2.3306 Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Oumbaf EF-K b37-0.   ~.*.~ A rather short report today. Excellent progress these past two days: roughly eighty jumps completed across over four thousand lightyears. The occasional neutron star breaks up the monotony, though they have grown few and far between. I believe I […]

Space Madness

Broadcasts from the Black begin transmission 26.2.3306 Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Blo Aowsy VY-Q b34-3.   ~.*.~ I find myself in the depths of Newton’s Vault. The stars grow less and less dense about me and the glow of the galaxy is now squarely at my back.. How long has it been since I left […]

Ghost Story

Broadcasts from the Black begin transmission 23.2.3306 Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Veqnue TG-H c25-26.   ~.*.~ I’ve been jumping late into the hours I would normally use to rest. It has proved effective, if tiring. The past two days account for nearly a hundred jumps. I am reporting from inside the Mushroom Nebula, directly in […]

Ringed Earthlike

Broadcasts from the Black begin transmission 21.2.3306 Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Hypoae Chraei WC-S c5-52.   ~.*.~ Over the past day or so I’ve accomplished approximately 45 jumps. Things have been moving efficiently for once; I’ve not been bogged down by scanning complex systems or landing for resources. I was mildly surprised to encounter a […]