Broadcasts from the Black

begin transmission


Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Skueqiae HZ-Y b20-0.


~.*.~ The past three days have been well spent, and a great deal of ground has been gained (in a manner of speaking). It was right for me to assert in my last report that I should be well within the borders of the Formorian Frontier by this time. I am in fact on my way out the other side even now: less than fifty jumps to the edge of The Abyss. Naturally this means I have long since passed my last checkpoint.

~.*.~ I’ve added two more earthlike worlds to my discoveries, bringing my total from this journey to eight. I’ve begun to encounter more and more neutron stars that have been previously discovered. Out here the paths of those who have gone before me begin to converge. In addition, the stars at which I can refuel have begun to grow sparse. I have to watch my fuel gauge more closely than I have grown accustomed to.

~.*.~ Still to go are 7100ly of jumps, 170 of them to be exact. I am approximately 58000ly from Sol. Looking back at the galaxy has begun to feel surreal. All of human civilization is contained within this smear of light. It’s just… incredible to think.

~.*.~ I should arrive within the next four days. Possibly sooner. Following arrival I will be making an attempt on Ishum’s Reach before plotting a route to Explorer’s Anchorage and beginning the first leg of the long trek home. That first leg will be a great distance indeed, though not as great as the leg from Colonia to Beagle Point has been. I wonder if the fame of Beagle Point will mean I shall find company, or if I will be quite alone, the most alone a man can be in this Milky Way…


end transmission
One of two earthlikes discovered in the past few says
A second of two earthlikes discovered in the past few days
My view of the Milky Way from inside the canopy of Jenny Lane, my Diamondback Explorer
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