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The CC 2020 Discord Survey Results!


We would first very much like to express our appreciation to everyone who took part in this year’s Discord-specific survey!

We wanted to give everyone a bit of a breakdown on what kind of results we gathered, and what they could mean to our future! We could use some of this information to guide us into producing more value for our members and visitors, so everyone gets the most out of their time among their Christian Crew friends and family!


What type of user are you?

At the Christian Crew, we really want to provide a place with an open door for all. At the same time, we'd like to make sure that there is a value to going through the application process and becoming a full member, whether a person becomes a CC Member (A Believer in Christ), or an ACC Member (An Ally of the Christian Crew, perhaps not a believer, but a supporter of all we do).

We broke down this question so we could see who has applied for membership, who is already a member of some type, and who is still in our Recognized Role. Anyone who chose Recognized was given specific questions that other members did not see, questions designed to zero in on why the person had not applied as yet. This made for some interesting responses.

Overall Discord Satisfaction

We asked everyone for their overall satisfaction with the Christian Crew Discord, on a scale from 1 (Not Satisfied) to 5 (Very Satisfied)...The majority of respondents are pretty satisfied!

Christian Crew's leadership and staff are always prepared to do what they can to improve the experience, so please don't ever hesitate to let them know how they can be of service!

What aspect of the community gets used most?

The great majority of the Discord users in our community tend to partition themselves into various activities, though there is a very large portion that gravitates to General Chat.

Our Free To Play Game Nights and particularly, our Bible Studies, also have solid attendance. It's fairly obvious that most of our games and text channels see very shared percentages among themselves.

What CC Tools do you use?

We asked people which Christian Crew tools they used BESIDES our Discord server. Steam was the number one choice with 61.9% of the vote, followed distantly by the Website (33.3%), Youtube(28.6%), and Facebook and Twitch which tied with (19%). We did NOT have a question about PC users versus Mobile users, though we probably should have, and will try to include that in our next survey.

Awareness of our other assets...

As you can see here, the awareness of the other social assets we offer was a bit of a 'mixed bag'.

How'd you find us?

It makes quite a bit of sense that many people would find the Christian Crew from a Google search, after all, the CC has had a web presence of one kind or another since 2003! Having said that, it also makes sense that friends or family members have brought each other to our community, as they want to share the CC family with them.

But that third group...It may not feel like you are witnessing or evangelizing when you're gallivanting through a video game world with someone, or discussing things with them in a voice channel, but it could be their very first steps in seeing how a Christian acts, what makes a Christian full of joy, or just show them there's something great to belong to they should learn more about! Let's make sure that we are always ready to invite people to learn more about our community, as well as learn more about Our Savior!

We had a few questions that asked for more specific, typed responses. We won’t reveal any personal answers here, but we’d like to mention that when we asked:

Is there anything our community doesn’t have you’d like to see us add?

We got responses like:


We also had several good responses to the question:

Have you seen or used anything on other websites or other Discords that you loved, and would love to see CC use as well? If so, please explain.

  • A description of all the Roles on the server.
  • A website with customizable personal user pages, complete with customizable profile backgrounds & images, and custom music. (We’re already working on implementing similar functionality, starting with our Content Creators team.)
  • Another Discord with really great tools and organizational aspects in use. (This member is going to try and help us find out if these tools are a result of Nitro Boosting, church financial backing, etc.)

Could the Christian Crew add more?

We wanted to know what types of things our members would like to see grow within our community. Perhaps people wanted more game and event nights, more Christian ministry efforts, or just more ways they themselves could participate or share their distinct skills or talents.

Obviously, the over-riding answer is that people would like more opportunities to participate or share of themselves and what they have to offer, followed closely by more game or even nights.

The seemingly blank answer with 31.8% of the vote should read: "More content I can interact with or view".

Content Creation?

Almost a full 3/4 of our respondents found the idea of a Content Creation effort to be a great one they'd be interested in being a part of as it forms or grows.

Since this survey was administered, a new Christian Crew Content Creators team has been formed. (It's known as C4 for short!) Anyone interested is more than welcome to ask about it, or join the C4 role on Discord to be kept apprised of happenings!

Is Fishsticks easy to use?

We wanted to know if people found Fishsticks (Our custom Discord Bot) easy or difficult to use.

On a scale of 1 (Very Difficult) to 5 (Not at all difficult), most of the responses fell right in the middle, or leaned towards "Not Difficult".

This tells us that maybe we could make things a little easier, but that's not too big a worry since Fishsticks command structure is actually seeing a bit more simplicity added in our next update, so stay tuned!

Is CC's command structure clear for you?

In asking if people understood which staff members did which jobs, who is responsible for what, who to ask for specific information, etc, we found that the answer to be a resounding MAYBE.

We'll make efforts to explain some of the roles and their areas of responsibility a little more moving forward, but it is answers like this that are frankly illuminating, and exactly why we try to run a survey every year or so.

How are our Staff and Leadership Members?

Across the board, it appears the respondents think our staff really try to be friendly and helpful.

The blank option with 50% of the votes should read: "Immediate answers to my questions". Likewise, the other blank option with 31.3% of the votes should read: "They either cheer me up or uplift me in some way every day".

Obviously, there are a couple of people out there who either think staff are 'standoffish and mean', or they're just being trolls, but they clearly aren't the majority, so..."NEENER NEENER!" (Yeah, we ARE kidding.)

As mentioned before, we treated our Recognized respondents a little differently than everyone else, and gave them some specific questions related to their status. Leadership and staff consider our doors open for reasonable people (outside of trolls and troublemakers), but of course we would prefer to have everyone become a full member, whether a CC Member (A Believer in Christ), or as an ACC Member (a person, not necessarily a Believer, who understands and supports our efforts, but might not agree with us theologically.).

Several of our Recognized users mentioned that their lives were understandably and unreasonably busy as a result of the pandemic, some mentioned that their beliefs don’t fully line up with the general beliefs of most Christian Crew members (another use of ACC!), and some mentioned that they are shy, socially anxious, or think they need to work on themselves a little bit before taking the plunge. There was even one respondent who mentioned that they are specifically trying NOT to be too involved in a community as they are very easily addicted to the belonging, and have so many other things in their life they need to show more focus to right now.

Overall, we just want our Recognized users to understand that they have a place with us, and that there is a “Membership for that!” if they want to commit. No matter what, we still love your engagement and participation, but please understand that we are beginning efforts to bring more ‘value’ to being a full Member, so if you’re Recognized and begin to see things you cannot participate in, please understand why.

What is your age?

Pretty obviously, the average age of Christian Crew members is  right around 30 years of age, leaning towards younger than older. Having said that, while age may be important when it comes to things like choices of games to play, it may play less of a part when it comes to our being Christians and how we believe.

Do you live in the Western Hemisphere?

The prevailing percentage of our members live in North, Central, or South America. We've had or have members in Japan, Curacao, various places in the United Kingdom, Finland, and even more.

We've also had members who were from places like Australia who moved to the Western Hemisphere for work, and even had a member move from the Western Hemisphere to China and other places for work as well.

Says a lot about the Christian Crew, in a way...It has been around since 2003, and has had limited involvement in several countries on several continents.

What is your gender?

Though we obviously have about 3/4 male membership, it's nice to know that we also have females and meat popsicles filling out the ranks. It is mildly concerning there are MORE popsicles than females, but just reporting the facts here.

Do you have a sense of humor?

Interestingly, a surprisingly large portion of our members and users do not know how to place their tongues in their cheeks. Luckily for us, most of our members schedule at least one day a week to find the funny.

Of slight concern is the apparent number of Karens resident among us. (See what I did there?)

Thanks for participating in the survey, if you did, and thank you for perusing the results, if you did!

We hope it was enlightening, or at the very least, that all the pie graphs have suddently increased your desire to play Pac-Man™.

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