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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Dryi Chraei CW-V d2-909.

~.*.~ More progress made toward Beagle Point today. I’ve reached the point in my journey at which I am the closest to Sag A* that I’m likely to be before I begin the long trek back to the Bubble. Just over 8000ly separate me from the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

~.*.~ Notable discoveries today include a terraformable set of water worlds in a binary formation with one another. That’s a system I’d happily revisit were it ever to be colonized. Another black hole and another dozen neutron stars round out the day’s interesting events. Although, there is one other activity of note: I fired up the AFMU to repair my FSD for the first time since departing Colonia. I, of course, dropped out of supercruise first. The results were far more desirable than last time.

~.*.~ Within the next few days I will be leaving Odin’s Hold and crossing into the Inner Orion-Perseus Conflux. I am rapidly approaching 30000ly from Sol, and closing in on 37000ly from Beagle Point. I am exactly 120 jumps from my next waypoint: a cloud of stars I believe is called the “Mushroom Nebula.”

end transmission
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