Broadcasts from the Black

begin transmission


Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Bleia Dryiae VL-J d10-180.

~.*.~ My DBX and I are making good time. For a substantial portion of my journey today I watched as the Lagoon Nebula began to loom larger and larger: a reddish-black cloud against the incandescent glow of the galaxy.

~.*.~ When I arrived I was rather disappointed, however. My pioneer’s heart was discouraged to find the nebula well explored and documented. Ah well, there are plenty more stars out there. My next destination is the Eagle Nebula, a mere 2000 lightyears further. I was able to get in a good start, and fortune favored me on my way: I have now discovered two pristine and untouched systems. In addition, I stumbled upon four worlds I believe to be excellent canditates for terraforming. The poor fellow who discovered that system never took the time to map them. I was not about to let an opportunity like that go to waste.

~.*.~ I was informed this evening by a transmission from another commander that many of the nebula contain outposts at which I may be able to rest, repair, refuel, and rearm, if necessary. Thus far I find I have had little need for such things, though I do not doubt the sound of a human voice would do me good. There’s a whole lot of black out here.

end transmission
This moon offers a nice view of the nearby ringed planet
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