Kerpow (A True Story Poem)


Kerpow (A True Story Poem)

©2008 NeoJabez

Artist’s Comment:This is a completely true story. I had a laptop from like…1995 or something, the disk drive wouldn’t read floppies, there was no USB port, and it couldn’t make CDs, so I had to manually retype this on my PC when I got it. Please enjoy.

While lying in bed, hoping to sleep last night,
A thunderous boom, bang, and shake about caused me a fright.
I jumped from the bed, to the living room repaired,
Hoping there was nothing of which to be scared.

I found upon entering that my computer desk, a table
Had found after years and years it was no longer able
To suspend all of my stuff, I tell you it was toast
Nay, far more destroyed, it had gave up the ghost.

Down went my massive disnosauric Apple 20-inch screen,
(Try picking it up, you’ll burst your spleen!)
A laptop, a lamp, CDs and other tidbits
Found gravity through a quirk of physics.

The table, desk, or whatever it had been
Now resembled a grounded letter, a capital M.
With stuff piled high in the valley between peaks
My future in cheap computing looked rather bleak.

I set to work, reclaiming the pile,
I almost burst my spleen TWICE! (But with style.)
Though I wasn’t sure if my mood should be sour
I rearranged everything and then supplied power.

And what to my tacit amazement I found
All of my stuff booted up, turned on, and came around
I’m composing this poem with wondrous joy
Though my table is toast, I still have my toys!
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Nils Sargon
Nils Sargon(@nilssargon)
July 3, 2020 11:51 am

Haha loved this story/poem! Just gotta know, is the picture the actual table/desk that broke or did someone just happen to have a stock photo of a similar desk that broke the same way?

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