Why There’s No Country Called Doofus (A Poem)

Why There’s No Country Called Doofus (A Poem) © 2008 NeoJabez Artist’s Comment: Lots of adventure stories feature characters who maintain the comic relief, whether absentmindedly and naturally, or as a device to hearten their companions, and return morale to a hard situation. R2-D2 and C3PO are prime examples of those whose levity, intentional or […]

Kerpow (A True Story Poem)

Kerpow (A True Story Poem) ©2008 NeoJabez Artist’s Comment:This is a completely true story. I had a laptop from like…1995 or something, the disk drive wouldn’t read floppies, there was no USB port, and it couldn’t make CDs, so I had to manually retype this on my PC when I got it. Please enjoy. While […]