Broadcasts from the Black

begin transmission


Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Blaa Eaec WG-X b18-60.



~.*.~ Two days ago I arrived at the Sacaqawea Space Port. The view was stunning: two central towers rose from the moon’s rocky surface, a brilliant red gas giant encircled by massive rings as the backdrop. I took most of the rest of that day off to enjoy the view.

~.*.~ I left midday yesterday and have been in the black since. I visited the Octopus nebula briefly on my way past. It was an extra eight jumps or so, but I thought it worth the time. I’ve lost track, but I believe I’ve made over 300 jumps since leaving the bubble.

~.*.~ The galaxy has been yielding up countless undiscovered systems to me today. Scanning each system completely has slowed me down no doubt, but I’m hopeful the folks in Colonia will pay well for the data I’m carrying. I’ve decided to pay it a visit after all.

~.*.~ At the current time, I find myself on the far side of the Goibniu Nebula, a measly 5400ly from Colonia, 16600ly from earth, and 13600ly from Sagittarius A*. I’m going to approach Colonia without descending along the Z axis. I will do so only when I arrive at the correct X,Y coordinate. My reasoning is that every merchant and explorer who visits Colonia follows a route much like the one I would be following if I took a direct approach, proceeding as I am may offer me a surplus of undiscovered worlds I would miss out on otherwise.


end transmission
This station cuts a striking figure on its own, the backdrop is just a bonus
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