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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Flyiedgiae TZ-B C2-16.

~.*.~ I arrived in the Eagle Nebula with time to spare. The fellows at Eagle Sector Secure Facility looked as happy to see me as I was to see them. I was impressed by their asteroid-based hangar, another first for me. The hull of my DBX was in decent shape but I had it inspected anyway. Can’t be too careful this far from the Bubble.

~.*.~ I made a few less impressive discoveries today, but I also discovered a handful of gas giants that house amoeba living in their clouds. Fascinating stuff. The gents in Eagle Sector were all too happy to buy the data I’ve gathered so far, which netted me about 20mil CR. Not bad for a few days work.

~.*.~ Since I’ve time to spare, I’ve decided to divert my journey even further toward the -X side of the galaxy. My next stop will be the Sacaqawea Space Port in the Skaudai CH-B d14-34 system. It’s located in the Akaudai AA-A H71 Nebula, which is a substantially less snappy name than “Lagoon” and “Eagle.” Nonetheless, I’m already well on my way. Last count shows I’m just over 8,500ly from Sol and a little over 18,000ly from my goal: Sag A*.

end transmission
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