Doubling Back


Broadcasts from the Black

begin transmission


Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Zunue YL-C d13-5793.


~.*.~ Heeding some good advice, I took the time to return to Colonia for repairs and to swap out my fuel transfer limpet controller for a repair limpet controller. Despite the fact that I had barely left, I was rewarded for yesterday’s data with over 50mil CR. Leaving a second time did not make it any easier. I shall likely be in the black for weeks before I dock at another station or even make contact with another human being.

~.*.~ I entered Odin’s Hold today: a sector of the galaxy I know little about. There were a few notable discoveries over the course of the day. I am amazed by the number of undiscovered neutron stars I’m encountering. It seems they ought to have been charted relentlessly by this time, but I suppose it’s easy to forget just how large the galaxy is. In addition, I discovered at least two earthlike worlds today, though neither seemed likely candidates for terraforming. Still, the surface map data will be worth good money, and they are the first undiscovered earthlikes I’ve encountered. Finally, as I was about to drop out of supercruise for the day, I noticed a black spot nearby on the galaxy map. I couldn’t resist. and plotted an extra jump to my route, discovering a black hole never before seen by human eyes. I must admit that I was shaken and filled with awe. Neutron stars are powerful and worthy of respect, but a black hole is dreadful in ways that are difficult to describe. I can only say the experience of viewing and being close to one is… alien. Numinous even. I didn’t stay long.

~.*.~ The system in which I find myself as I dictate this log is nearly 26000 lightyears from Sol, and nearly 42000 lightyears from Beagle Point. Considering the time lost on my return to Colonia, I’ve done well: close to 5000 lightyears separation already. It was an exciting day, I expect the next few days to be promising as well.


end transmission
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