Broadcasts from the Black

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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Jaques Station, Colonia.


~.*.~ The past four days were long and grueling. While my surroundings have grown ever more beautiful, my sanity has declined, I made multiple notable discoveries during this lengthy leg of my trip, including a handful of water based world that I suspect will make excellent candidates for terraforming. Several of these are quite close to the Colonia Nebula. Toward the end, my FSD began to show signs of wear. I shall need to inquire about an AFMU while in Colonia if I wish to continue supercharging at neutron stars.

~.*.~ Arrival in Colonia was a relief beyond words. I grew concerned toward the end that I might be greeted by hooligans looking for a bit of fun, but the system was quiet as I pulled in to Jaques. I nearly wept upon coming within visual range of the station. It’s a beautiful sight to behold under normal circumstances, but to my eyes it was transcendent. The station orbits a ringed planet on the edge of the nebula. On one side the nebula glows purple and blue, on the other the galaxy sprawls out to either side, seeming to embrace everything.

~.*.~ After landing, I took some time to relax. I cleaned up, slept, and ate before returning to my ship to order repairs. Things looked good overall. My FSD was not in as worrying condition as I had thought, and my hull was well within tolerable limits considering the distance it had travelled since the last patch job. The DBX is an excellent ship, Lakon should be proud. My exploration data sold for over a hundred million credits, and I find myself almost exactly 20,000ly from Sol. There is cause to celebrate. I’ve decided that on this momentous occasion my ship is in need of a new name and perhaps a fresh coat of paint, but there’s plenty of time to think about such things. I’m planning on staying for a few days to consider my next move.


end transmission
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