Black Holes


Broadcasts from the Black

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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Hypiae Free YF-E d12-3621.

~.*.~ I spent several days exploring three black holes I encountered not long after my last transmission. I’ll never get used to being dropped so close to these aberrations by the FSD. I do wish the drop distance was adjustable at times like this. As it is I find myself emitting shouts of terror upon arrival most every time.

~.*.~ At any rate, I loitered in one of these systems for many hours, gathering materials from moons rich in Germanium and Arsenic. I’m still short several of the necessary ingredients for a premium FSD boost. I’m currently on the lookout for Polonium and Niobium. The two seem to be among the more elusive metals.

~.*.~ It’s still a long way to my next waypoint. I wasted quite a lot of time with those black holes, but they are so interesting, I felt obliged to go out of my way to investigate. Nothing terribly interesting expected for the next few days. Just stars on the horizon as far as the eye can see, and more beyond that.

end transmission
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