Broadcasts from the Black

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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Bleia Eohn OZ-X a55-2.

~.*.~ Yesterday I departed LHS 3447 destined for Sagittarius A*. My jump range is about 54 light years and I expect it to take about 500 jumps. My first stop will be the Lagoon Nebula. Since departure I’ve traversed roughly 1400 lightyears: about a third of the distance to the nebula and less than five percent the distance to the center of our galaxy.
~.*.~ I discovered a planet for the first time today. To celebrate the occasion I discovered every other planet in the system as well, and proceeded to gather surface map data on each for good measure. I do not expect I will continue to do this in the future except in rare, interesting cases. Following this I scanned a myriad of other previously unknown bodies, but an unvisited star still eludes me.

end transmission
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