A Change of Plans


Broadcasts from the Black

begin transmission


Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Ooscs Freau IS-A d-14-667.


~.*.~ I finished my outfitting in Colonia yesterday. Sold my docking computer and my supercruise assist module in favor of a fuel limpet controller and an AFMU. I’ve given my ship a name that I believe suits her: Jenny Lane. I also gave her a new coat of paint: white and blue.

~.*.~ Perhaps I’ve lost my mind, but I’m embarking toward Beagle Point. The plan is to rise above the galactic plane, use a nebula roughly along my path as a waypoint, and then make the rest of the run directly. I’ll also attempt to have a go at Ishum’s Reach, though I’ll need to have good luck finding materials along the way to synthesis at least two boosts if I wish to pull that off. It may be beyond my capability at this time. Regardless, Sagittarius A* will have to wait.

~.*.~ The journey today was mostly to the upper side of the galactic plane; little horizontal progress was made. I discovered a bevy of terraforming candidates, and even a few around a previously unknown neutron star. I had not expected to find an unexplored neutron star so close to Colonia, and certainly not one with planets that might support life. I must express a certain degree of skepticism about the viability of using a neutron star as a sun. I can provide no further specifics though, as my journey will be long and I cannot afford some other explorer stealing my discovery before I return.

~.*.~ There was an incident earlier today that frightened me terribly and had me rethinking my aspirations. While in supercruise navigating toward a terraforming candidate, I was fiddling around with the controls of my new AFMU and asked it to perform a repair on my FSD. To my alarm this caused an immediate emergency drop from supercruise. Several modules were damaged, though none severely. I was sufficiently rattled that I was considering returning to Colonia or rerouting to Explorer’s Anchorage. Neither of these ideas are entirely out of the question, but I don’t believe the damage is severe enough to warrant drastic action at this time. I am, however, very much on the lookout for planets with trace amounts of useful elements for repairs and FSD injections.


end transmission
Nearby stars gain a strange blue glow while in close proximity with a neutron star
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