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Stand on God’s Word (2)

‘Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles.’
Psalm 119:50 NLT

Clarence’s Word of the Day have been faithfully posted on the Christian Crew forums every day for several years. When Clarence goes on vacation, he assigns someone to continue posting them for him. Since our community moved from TeamSpeak to Discord, he has also faithfully posted them there. Clarence doesn’t author the posts, he shares the posts from a Christian Media Charity to which he belongs known as the United Christian Broadcasters, located in his home, the United Kingdom.

UCB, in their own words, is: “a leading Christian media charity which produces radio, TV and publications. Our mission is to offer every person, in every place, every moment of the day, the opportunity to hear, watch or read the Word of God in a relevant and engaging way.”

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