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Were you aware?


The Christian Crew has been around since 2003, Youtube since 2010, and Facebook since at least 2011!

We wanted to be sure that people knew that over a long period of time, the Christian Crew has put together several great resources and awesome content for our members and visitors!

First on our list: A Bible Study playlist on Youtube that goes back as far as September 2014!

The Christian Crew Bible Study Playlist<—The Direct Link

Just so you know, there are 11 other playlists there, also, spanning gaming, past CC slideshows, and lots of music, among other things! Check it out!

Don’t have a Twitch account? Not interested in logging in to Facebook? No worries, just visit our CC TwitchTV page, or our Facebook Feed page!

Our TwitchTV page even features the live chat for whatever stream is currently live!

We have wallpapers, and media packs that give you the exact colors and fonts we use for branding and stuff, if you’d like to make your won shirt designs, wallpapers, or whatever you like!

Christian Crew Downloads


We offer tons more stuff. We have a really cool Link Library, full of links to cool stuff, resources, free software, etc.

CC’s Link Library

We have a Christian Crew Memorial Timeline which tells you a lot about our community and it’s people.

The Christian Crew Memorial Timeline

We have a page dedicated to mp3s, one of the galleries is for old Bible Study recordings, and one is full of music created by past members!

MP3 Archive

We have a lot more, but it’s up to you to click around and find it all! Be sure and attempt to find out custom 404 page while you’re at it!

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