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Broadcasts from the Black

begin transmission


Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Chua Eohn DV-O c22-0.


~.*.~ Two days have passed and a lot of distance has been made between me and Ishum’s Reach. I’m coming up on 7000ly away already. One thing that has helped is my disinterest in previously discovered systems. What few star systems the Abyss has are very well charted, as I’ve stated previously. It’s a popular area for explorers, due to the challenge of reaching it. As a result, it is somewhat ironically one of the best charted parts of the galaxy. Scanning a system can be a tedious process, and mapping one can be quite laborious. But I only care to map or scan systems and planets that interest me, and there have been very few of those amidst the systems previously discovered by other commanders. I see little point in covering the ground they have already, especially if there are no earthlikes or waterworlds to be had.

~.*.~ That said, I have come across a few interesting systems in the past few days. The first was an orange giant type K star. I knew at once I was in the presence of a giant when I entered the system, the star swelled up in front of me far larger than stars typically do upon dropping out of witch space. It’s difficult to convey how large it is with an image, it can only really be done justice when one attempts to move one’s perspective about it. Truly, a majestic sight.

~.*.~ The second was a set of A and B type stars in a quaternary configuration, with three of the four being in one of the tightest orbital dances I’ve witnessed in all my time in the black. It was made all the more stunning by the hallmark bright white glow so typical of A and B types. Gorgeous.

~.*.~ Roughly 33000ly lie between me and Sagittarius A*. It’s more progress than I had hoped to make in this much time, but I can’t expect it to continue this way. Sooner or later I’ll enter space that is relatively unexplored, and then I’ll have little choice but to record all my findings thoroughly, for knowledge, fame and profit. In fact, I’ve diverted my course slightly downward and toward +X to avoid the well blazed trail that runs from the center of the galaxy to Beagle Point. Soon I should find myself back in my element: the unknown black.


end transmission
The type K giant
Getting a sense of the scale is difficult
Fortunately every ship comes standard with a system map tool (those are main sequence stars underneath the giant)
Class A and B stars are some of the prettiest in my opinion
Three this close together is a special treat
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