Welcome to The colorFul Function()!


Ah, welcome.

I anticipate you are an individual of culture, or else you wouldn’t be here. Welcome to The colorFul Function()! SkyeRanger’s domain of sarcastic code wizardry and other various technological achievements; for thou art at thine mercy here (unless you click away). This is not a clone of my other bl0g – which some of you already know of because of Fishsticks’ updates. However, there will be posts containing all content relevant to Fishsticks (Fs) or Fishsticks Online (FSO) and really anything else that catches my fancy.

Again, I bid thee welcome and I hope you stick around through all of my technical babble and jargon.


While I’m here though – I would go ahead and say that continued development on Fishsticks is moving along just fine. As of this post, the current version of Fishsticks is V1.17.4c and current development of the following features are underway

  • Edit command; permits staff to submit edits and changes to various templated messages such as the join message (MOTD)
  • Docket command; members may submit topics to be discussed at the next upcoming CC Meeting
  • Fixes to the random quote generator
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