Surviving with Style Day Two


Day 2

Finally figured out how to layer some materials together to make some clothes to fight against the chill that seems to be in this area. The mountain range that I can see has snow on top. I wonder if the season is headed for winter… Or does this strange place even have seasons?

After the clothes I was able to warm up enough to gather more materials together and then… I figured out how to make a spear while staring at a stick and some flint. Is there some outside force at work here or am I just remembering things I had known at one time before?

I was starting to get really hungry, no matter how many berries I ate. I was going to need meat so I headed to the beach where I had seen one of those two legged frilled lizards. If only I knew. The first lizard was easy enough to take down, but our fighting had attracted another lizard just as I gave the killing blow. This one’s marking was faded like it was older and it had scars all over. I thought this would make it another easy kill but I was wrong.

Now I’m holed up in a little crack in the nearby rock cliff, waiting for my eyes to stop seeing green. My new clothes are ruined, what the lizard didn’t rip up I had to reuse for bandages. I’ll have some new scars of my own, but at least I’m still alive to be mad at the lizard and regain my strength. Berries are nearby and the bushes can be used for firewood in a pinch.

…I’m still hungry for meat.

Day 8

Recovery was faster that I thought and I was able to pull together a shelter from all the thatch in the area. Again, it feels like I didn’t know how to do this before but… now I do. I was also able to find some meat, found a large flightless bird down at the beach – carefully avoiding any two legged lizards.

But I was out longer than I meant to be, and even with a torch to light the way in front of me, I got a little turned around and had difficulty finding my way back to my little hay hut.  In fact, I never made it there although I was pretty sure I was close. Instead, I started hearing heavy footsteps and muted growls coming from somewhere in the dark. I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded like there was more then one of them and meaner then the long necked dinosaur I’ve seen. I instead took shelter by some nearby rocks and coaxed my torch to survive until morning. By then I was able to see that the noise was coming from over the next ridge. Three large, very large dinosaurs with teeth showing even with their mouths closed. Thankfully I was able to make it to my hut without them noticing, then I grabbed what I could of my supplies and ran away from the area as fast as I could. Maybe I could find somewhere better to set up a hut without things that go stomp and chomp in the night.

Note from ShaddaShk:
I’m taking some artistic liberties. In the game, I died to the Dilophosaur, which was a level 145 or there abouts. There was also no crack in the cliff, I had to build my hut right away. And when I did discover the Allosuars nearby I took down my thatch hut for supplies. You will find I will continue with these artistic adjustments to the game play in my future posts – let me know what you find irritating from them or what you liked.

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