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It is my distinct pleasure to inform everyone that we now have a blog called “Member Voice”, and that YOU can submit anything to it that you’d like!

Once your article or submission has been approved, it will be listed in our new Member Voice blog!

So, maybe you want to share an essay, poem, short story, or other work, but you don’t want to be ‘tied down’ to an official blog where you might have to create content regularly…Well, no problem, you can now submit any ‘one-off’ work you wish through our “Submit A Post” feature!

Please check the ‘tutorial’ on our new features at the bottom of this post. You can view any image larger by simply clicking on it.

But wait! There's more!

We now have the ability for people to Register with the site, and Login to the site.

You can submit a post without registering or logging in, but if you are registered and logged in, you have a bit more control over your article, it will be attributed directly to you, and more.

We may be adding Members Only features to the website in the future that would require a person be registered and logged in to the site in order to use the functionality, so why not get registered and logged in now?

Please check the ‘tutorial’ on our new features at the bottom of this post. You can view any image larger by simply clicking on it.

The Handy Visual Tutorial
  • Let’s get REGISTERED on the site first!

    Once we’ve arrived at the CCGaming website, there’s a new section on the menu called “Members”. Just hover over that word and you’ll see “Register”. You’ll be brought to the Register Page. This page will ask for your Username of choice (We suggest the same name you use on Discord.) It will also ask for your password and email address.

Register on the Main Menu
The Registration Form

If your registration is successful, you’ll know it, without a doubt, as you’ll see this page:

The Success Page
  •  We can now LOGIN!

    We may either follow the “LOGIN” link provided on the bottom of that page, or use the ‘Login’ choice under the Member heading of the website’s top menu in order to truly LOGIN to the website.

    Obviously, logging in is a simple matter of entering our registration information. We can also choose to have the website remember us for future sessions, so we won’t have to login every time.

Login on the Main Menu
The Login Form
  • Let’s create a post to the Member Voice!

    At this point, we can now submit articles as content to the website! If you have NOT registered or logged in, but want to submit a post, we ask that you include your name in the very beginning of your work, so we can properly attribute it to you. Your article will show up on our article listings page as submitted by “A CC Member”, Only the article page itself would show your name.

    If you ARE logged in, however, the post will be fully attributed to your name in every way!

    (You may also notice that the Posting Section itself has a few more tools on it if you are logged in.)
Submit A Post on the Main Menu
The standard Submit Form
Just a few more buttons
  • It’s time to submit our article!

    At this point, you can Submit your article using the button at the bottom of the article form. You will know it’s working if it show you a little grey spinner, and it takes a second. (This isn’t due to the website slowing down, this is because you are uploading an image if you sent one in the “Featured Image” part of the form.)

    If the screen returns to a blank Submit A Post form, something has gone wrong, and you should submit again.

    You know your article is successfully submitted when you see the Thank You! page instead.
The Little Grey Spinner is next to the Submit Button
The Thank You Page
Endless Possibilities

This is a great begining way to allow people who don’t want official blogs of their own to publish things to our website! All new content is just another thing to draw more people to our site. It’s hoped that the more people who come to our site, the more will meet us, hang out on Discord, and meet Jesus if they haven’t already! If they have, more fellowship!

Either way, the possibilities are endless. We could eventually turn this Registration/Login/Post Submittal system into a “Recipe Submittal System”, we could have blogs devoted to single subjects, like Member Testimonies. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

All it takes right now is YOU, and your participation! Don’t let anyone tell you (or yourself) that you didn’t have the opportunity to participate, because, here it is! Enjoy!

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