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September says “Winter is coming…”

Almost Labor Day! It’s September 5 this year.

I really want to say thank you to everyone who has done all they can to improve and promote CCGaming this summer.

Fall and Winter are right around the bend!

-NeoJabez: Editor


   Pokemon GO! has taken the world by storm. As of this post’s writing (7/13/16) it has only been out for a week, yet I can’t seem to go anywhere without running into it. I was recently doing volunteer work over at UCF, and I had this outside my window.

   The building I’m in is apparently a Gym. He wasn’t alone, during that one day I saw several students come in and out, all of them holding their phones in front of them. He was the only one to go outside my window though.

   Now, I could go on about the issues people have had with it’s privacy system, how often it’s showing up in the news, or the best locations to live in in order to catch the most possible.

   But I can’t, even if I wanted to. My non-smart “smartphone” can’t even use the dang app. As such I’m just having to go off of news articles and what I’ve been told by others. Well, I will say it’s worth listening to. Granted, it’s become America’s newest obsession.

   In some cases, even universities have had to tell their students to not use the app in-class. …and then there are situations like that above.

   I kinda get it. Finding these digital creatures in the “real” world is rather satisfying. I myself am not really into this series. I’ve played bits of Pokemon Yellow, but it never held my interest for that long. (So much so that I have yet to even clear a gym.)

   To everyone else though, use some common sense. Only play it when you can. Watch where you are, what time it is and where you are going. One guy fell into a pond while streaming, and others were robbed at gunpoint from what I’ve heard.

   Is it getting people out more? Yes. But are they all paying attention to their surroundings? Not all of them.

   Please. Do yourself a favor and watch where you are going. I expect a bunch of people will be going all over town this weekend for the sake of Pokemon Go. Know your limits, and put it away when you need to. Sure, it’s fun and all, but another aspect of it is meeting up with other users IRL. (In real life.) So get out there, and don’t just catch little pixel creatures, but do it with friends, or even complete strangers you may run into.

…now if only the app worked correctly more often. Or I had a better phone.

How to Spot a Good Squaddie on Planetside 2

-is attracted to your squad because of all the irrelevant chatter
-joins enthusiastically in pranks such as C4ing squadmates
-jumps in your vehicle when you announce you’re about to drive off a cliff
-takes it well when you forget to switch from pistol to medtool before healing

Member of the Month!
Interview Series by NeoJabez

This month’s Member of the Month is Globalkoas, Council Member and Taker of Names, He Who Is The BanHammer, Defender of the Faith, and Champion of the Admins! Enjoy!

How did you find the CC originally? Who introduced you to it?

   Really I found it by accident. I was a console gamer and finally bought a computer in the fall of 2004. In December I bought Half Life 2 played thru it and love it. Then noticed it was bundled with CSS. So I installed it and jumped online. This was my first ever experience with “online” gaming. I had no idea how to plant or defuse the bomb. I jump in server after server and start getting yelled at/cursed at/kicked/banned for not planting or defusing the bomb. I would ask questions and told off/kicked/banned etc.. Pretty nasty stuff. I thought screw online gaming if this is what it’s about.

   Between Christmas and New Years I was off work and started playing it again. By this time I figured out how to plant/defuse/drop bomb, but was still getting yelled at/kicked/cussed at/etc.. but I really liked the game.. So I just made my own server and played with bots.. boring!!!!!!!!

   Not even having any idea Christian gaming groups existed I jumped on CSS New Years Eve and was looking for small servers of 14/20 people. I found one called The Fish.. I jumped in and no one was yelling and cursing, but having fun and laughing over the mic. Tykur and Agent both greeted me and that was something different. Tykur gave me tips on where and when to plant the bomb and where to watch to help defend after the plant. If things didn’t go right there was no yelling, but laughter. I was in shock. I had 2 toxic weeks of online play and had made up mind if it didn’t change my online gaming time was coming to an end.

  Over the next few days I played on The Fish. As I later found out it hosted out of Tykur/Agents house. 16 man server and was a blast. Tykur told me about ts and Agent helped me set it up and I had found a home. :biggrin: Honestly had it not been for those 2 especially Tykur I would have dropped playing online.

   I have no idea how/why I came across The Fish server. I knew nothing of Christian gaming or even thought about it even existing. I played/hungout almost every night and in Feb. 2005 Tykur sent me my CC tag email. I was brought on the council later that summer and the rest is history. If CC comes to an end I’m sure I would hangout online with friends made, but I doubt I could ever be a part of another group. It just wouldn’t be the same after all these years for me.

What is something about you that it’s possible nobody in the CC actually knows about you? Perhaps something about you in real life that would surprise your friends in CC to learn?

   I will never believe NASA put men on the moon. I believe it was staged for propaganda for the Russians.. Too long to go into here.. :tongue: When I was a 15 on a trip to upper Wisconsin fishing/camping I and several others saw something walking in a clearing next to the small lake we were fishing. It wasn’t a man and it wasn’t a bear. I’ve killed bear with gun/bow and I’m positive it wasn’t a bear. If it was a man he was in a suit in the middle of no man’s land. We were 5 of 12 people on this lake at the time. Not many people around.

   We brought the boat to the bank and looked for tracks. Ground was to hard, but you could clearly tell it was something on walking in the grass.. Walking next to the path it made, it was very clear it was on 2 legs whatever it was.. It’s path and ours looked the same.. So yes I guess I believe in Bigfoot.. 😛 :wacko: To more down to earth subject.. I collect class frogs and roosters. Between them I have over 500. I collect other old glass and such, but those 2 are my main focus. (Editor’s Note: See the 2 crystal roosters and 2 crystal frogs in the above photo!)

Who has had the greatest impact on your time in CC?

   Over the yrs several have.
**Without Tykur and Agent I would have never stayed online. Once here I learned alot from many. **Deacon got me really thinking about my faith again. To me a Bible study should hit you in the nose and make you think. I always got that after hearing his.
**Plato/Pendragon/Cuda/Fathermike/Neo also comes to mind.
**Romans.. yes Romans.. This guy has held a special place in my heart from the start. Honestly just writing this brings me to tears. I know he was thorn at times, but if you really got to know him he had heart of gold. Miss you Buddy :love:
**Attollo/Ongruth/Shadowsbane.. I have watched them grow from teenagers to now married… make me feel old.. **Josh reminds me of my younger self..
**Goat because he never gives up on the underdog and because he makes me want to strangle him over the yrs.. love you buddy
**Oxy/Crosser/Elvis/Cpt Suicide/MjCaboose are kind of the group I hangout with late night. Been alot of fun. Alot of different topics covered **Winged/Fedora.. these guys give it there all.. tips cap
***Ginger is my goto now. I pester her all the time. Not that I don’t trust people, I just feel more comfortable talking to her. I know she’s not going to tell me what I want to hear. I like that. No bs, but does it in cool temper which I don’t always have. 😛
***As for the greatest impact I leave that to one person. Clarence.. over the years I have asked him questions/vented. He’s a no bs kinda guy.. a man’s man.. I just wish he was around more. I believe he brings as much to the table as anyone or anyone has ever around here. Most don’t know him now more than he’s the guy that posts every day on that Clarence’s Corner thing. I encourage anyone that has the chance to talk to him. He’s a CC treasure in my mind.

   That may have been more to the question then you wanted, but to me those are things that stand out to me over the years. We have had so many people come and go and honestly the CC community as a whole has had an impact. It’s what makes this place great. Over the years people have come and gone, but the community stands on. Some of us may not know each other in it at all or very little. We may not like each other sometimes, but in the end without the community as a whole this place would not really be what it is..

If you could introduce a CC Division of any game, and everyone would play it, what game would it be?

Mario.. Would be nothing greater than a multiply player Mario adventure. 6/8 of us fighting a horde of incoming enemies with green shells and stomps.. 😛

So you’re looking at a CC yearbook, near the back it has a list, how would you fill out this list?

Most likely to succeed: Robzor.. he seems to always have a plan.. and follows it..
Class Clown: Romans of course.. Honorable mention: Oxy/Crosser.. these 2 make my sides hurt at times..
Most likely to be President of the United States of America: Elvis.. he keeps up with the political stuff probably as much as anyone around here.. Elvis for President.. has a ring to it.. :thup:
Most likely to be Canadian: Amroth… nuff said…
Needs their own reality show:  Eliter.. he seems to always have a project he’s working on.. Eliter Tackles “fill in” Today!!! could be the next big thing… I’d watch it..

Have anything to add? Testimony, thoughts on grain prices and the speculation thereof? Want to share your alien manifesto with us humans, O Overlord from the Virgo Star Cluster?

I’m no teacher, but I feel more now than any other time in my life with all going on in this nation and the world its so important that we each embrace our faith and trust that God has what’s best for us laying ahead. It’s sometimes hard to grasp that with all going on in the world and in our personal lives daily. A few verse’s that come to mind.

Psalm 138:3 “In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.”
Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’”
Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Psalm 37:39 “But the salvation of the righteous is from the LORD; He is their strength in time of trouble.”

Thanks Global, for your time, and your really interesting answers. I hope the community realizes what a great Leader and Resource they have in you, my friend, and I have been honored to know you through CC for over a decade! – NeoJabez

       CCG Facebook Shoutout

   Have you ever been to CCGaming’s Facebook page? Have you liked it, and sent your friends to take a look? If not, we’d love to have you drop by, like the page, and engage with us there!

Grand Re-Opening!

   The Christian Crew has had about 8 different websites or forums since it was founded in 2003. In the last year or so, Oxy and Stargater have gotten together to create and innovate a new site and a new branding for CCGaming.

   That new website is almost upon us! Please keep your eyes open for the new Grand Re-Opening! We can’t wait to share with you what these guys have put together! We really think you’ll like it! Stay tuned for the announcement! (And have a wonderful September!) – Neo

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