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There’s been a few questions lately on our Discord concerning a couple of our Roles. People have asked what the differences are between “Recognized” and “CC Member”.

When a person first arrives on our server, they are a guest, with no role whatsoever. A person at this level only has access to one text channel (it’s known as the #crash-pad, and only moderators and above can see or interact with guests here). The also have access to the Hangout Voice channel, so our staff or members can hear them, speak with them, and get to know them quicker.

The purpose of the Crash-Pad is one of security. A guest or person with no role cannot do any real harm, not to mention they can’t really see anything of our server.

Once a guest has been “vouched” for twice by different staff members, they are immediately given the Recognized role by Fishsticks, our Discord Bot.

The moment a user receives “Recognized” as a role, they can see a LOT more of our server, the people in it, and join channels freely.

So, why have a “Member” role?

The Christian Crew has always had a place for those we wish to witness to, to reach with the Good News. We’ve always had ACC, or “Allies of the Christian Crew” which is a full membership afforded those who do not currently believe in Christ, but support our family-friendly rules and organization, and are not against being witnessed to, prayed for, or otherwise to engage with Christians frequently.

But Recognized is only that. If you have the Recognized Role, you have been Recognized as someone who PROBABLY won’t be disruptive, and who will PROBABLY be okay to have around without fear of trolling, or worse. You are still, technically, a guest, just a guest we trust to be among us.

A MEMBER, on the other hand, is a Christian participator. When you’re a Member, you’re telling everyone you’ve applied, been vetted, that staff and others have gotten to know you, and that you aren’t just trusted not to ‘burn the place down’, but that you are here to stay. You’re saying you want to take part and help produce fruit with our community in any capacity you can, even if it’s just being a gamer. A Member can also view even more channels reserved for Members Only.

While we try to treat all of our friends and users with equal love and respect, Members earn a little more prestige. Recognized individuals are free to attend our events, meetings, and Bible Studies, but our Members are the people who actually get a vote, and a say, and a voice when it comes to the future direction of our community and how it is run.

Ultimately, we’d love to have most people join us as CC Members, and we would always like to have enough new people around to make sure there are always people in transition from Guest to Recognized to Member. The more the merrier! But we hope this article provides a tiny bit of clarity on the differentiation between Recognized and Members.

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