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Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and our website now takes advantage of some of the most recent. The website has always been a kind of hub for news and announcements, but it seems to have lost a bit of use with the advent of social media, the use of Discord, etc.

I just wanted to quickly showcase just a few things we are capable of doing with content now, and most of what you’ll see here is either part of our core content system, or is easy to use within it.



Let’s start with an image juxtaposition. I’m sure people have seen this sort of thing plenty of places before, but the functionality is a core part of our content creation system now.

Let’s take a look at an image I tried to clean up a little for a client, it’s a photo of their dad, that had seen better days:


Our current site has the ability to use a lot more of the tools in the html5, css3, and javascript toolboxes…


We have several new types of content creation that allow a person to interact with the content in a fun, gamified way. Quizzes, videos, memory games, and much more. (Several people have already enjoyed the Word Searches!)

There are a lot more ways we can now add interactivity and fun to the website, and what’s more…Most of these examples above were very easy to produce and didn’t actually require any web design knowledge, whatsoever. If you can write out a question and answer, you can make the above content. (For the most part.)

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