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“I will never leave you, nor forsake you” Hebrews13: 5

It has been said that some of the loneliest places in the world can be in the greatest cities. There is inherent in each of us the possibility of being a lonely soul. God made us for Himself and unless we are in Him and He in us there is something wanting. Conversely, if we dwell in Him and He in us there can be a richness of companionship which is very precious.

Jesus knew that His disciples would feel lonely when He ascended and left them to carry on with His work. His words to them are his words to us, and we can make them ours:

“Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Two thoughts we can meditate on. First, that we are never alone— “He promised never to leave us, never to leave us alone—”; and second, that if we practice the precence of God we shall grow day by day into a deeper consciousness of His indwelling, and whatever troubles, problems, difficulties or failures we have, we shall meet them with confidence in the sure and certain promise that the Holy Spirit is our Companion.

How happy shall we all be if we persevere in our practice of the presence of God! How happy to have the best of all Companions always at hand. To be able to ask advice and guidance in our while we are doing it! And how even more precious to have the happiness of listening to our beloved companion, who will not fail to talk to us when we are ready to hear, and who will reveal to us the beauty and truth in our quiet hours of communing with Him.

“Take thy first walk with God!

Let Him go forth with thee;

By stream, or sea or mountain path,

Seek still His company.

O Lord, may I ever live as in Your presence, and love the things You love, and serve You with the service of my daily life.

Clarence’s Meditations of the Week are a series of 52 meditations from a book titled: “A Closer Walk: 52 Meditations” by E & M Williams. (Published by the Christian Leadership Crusade on January 1, 1959.)

These meditations have given Clarence “a great deal of peace and understanding”, and he felt compelled to share.

We hope you enjoy them, learn from them, and invite you to comment, share, like, and all of that great stuff!

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