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“There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, one Father of us all, who is the One over all, the One working through all, and the One living in all” Eph 4:5

It seems very fitting that our first thought should be that God is my All. And to make this truly impressive and complete let us say my All in all. The more we think on this the more we realise how true it can be if we faithfully surrender our lives, our will, and our all to Him. Then, with childlike confidence and trust, we can rest in Him. A new world opens yo us—a world of such richness and glory that a song comes to our hearts, for we “belong”, and and are co-partners with Jesus in the fullness of God’s creation and His glory, both here and throughout eternity.
It is an inspiring and a comforting thought that all this does come of ourselves but is a free gift from the loving father. Our part is to just accept.

Only believe and thou shall see
that Christ is All in All to thee.

As we ponder these things we become a partaker of them and truly rejoice in the fullness and richness of our heritage. Christ is in us an we in Him—today and every day and forever. In Him all things are ours and all things that are our are His. The condition is simple, we must surrender our wills and our lives to God.
As we consider the meaning of all this we realise what love for God should be. We must love Him with all our hearts, not with only part of it. We must love Him more than any of His creatures, more than other human being, more than any pet, more than our highest ambition and more the pursuit of our happiest occupation. We must love Him so much that, Like Abraham, we would give up to Him that which we love bets in this world if we were to ask for it. We are always most happy when we are most devoted, and suct devotion can make self-denial a willing sacrifice when it is for someone we deeply love, and service to such a one is a pleasure.

Therefore let us give our lives wholly to God, let us hold all earthly affections as found in Him, all earthly work and purpose as lifted up to His service. Let us take Him with us in all our thinking that the mind may be in us which was in Christ Jesus. So shall we find the true joy of living, receive His choicest blessings, and live always in His care.

A prayer

I worship You, O Lord God, and give thanks to You for the great glory and power which you show top Your servants I Your wonderful works. All that I enjoy is from Your wonderful works. All that I enjoy is from Your mighty hand and You alone are to be praised for the blessings of this life. Make me thankful to You for all Your mercies and more ready to serve You with all my heart: for the sake of Jesus Christ my Lord.


Clarence’s Meditations of the Week are a series of 52 meditations from a book titled: “A Closer Walk: 52 Meditations” by E & M Williams. (Published by the Christian Leadership Crusade on January 1, 1959.)

These meditations have given Clarence “a great deal of peace and understanding”, and he felt compelled to share.

We hope you enjoy them, learn from them, and invite you to comment, share, like, and all of that great stuff!

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