A Letter From God to his Daughter



I delight in you my child, for you are a joy to behold. Even before you were born into this world, I knew you intimately; I cared for you; I loved your soul.

Then came the time for you to appear and so I gently and carefully crafted your amazing body, sculpting a masterpiece with flesh and bone, painting your body with muscles and skin. I smiled as I put the sparkle of life and joy in your beautiful eyes. As you grew and developed, I waited patiently for you to enter this wonderful world which I had created for you.

I admired your form, paying close attention to every detail and to every part of you. My designs were complex but delightfully unique, awe-inspiring and purposeful. I carefully considered every part of you, even counting as I placed every hair in its place on your head.
I lovingly waited for you, my most wonderful creation, to be finally revealed to the world, a sense of anticipation about your arrival, how could the world not love something so beautiful and precious, so amazing as you.

As you entered the world, it filled me with delight at your arrival, eager for you to see wonder and amazement in the world that I crafted for you. But you were not happy, it upset you having to leave the safe place where you had been for many months and so you cried out for comfort. I was there, close to you, loving you completely and whispering words of love to soothe you. But you did not hear me beneath the cries of your distress. As you cried for physical contact, I reluctantly let you go, placing you in trust into the loving arms and safety of those whom I had chosen. Those who would take care of my special gift, my pride and joy. Hoping dearly that they would love you as much as I do and that they would believe in all the great things that you could achieve.

There you lay as a young helpless baby, do you know my sweet dear child, as you grow, there will be times of happiness and times of sadness and I will cheer and rejoice with you in your victories, and inevitably, when the pain or grief comes, I will cradle you in my arms and weep with you as I lovingly catch every tear that falls. However, I know that you will not see me, you will not notice me there or even sense my presence surrounding you or how involved I will be in every part of your life waiting for you to come to me. Yet I will still love you, my little one.

Now as you grow older, you will experience many things, you will marvel at the surrounding wonders, trying hard to understand the mysteries that you can not yet fathom or quite comprehend. You will hear many stories, some so amazing they will be hard to believe. Some of these stories will even speak of me and my labour of love to create this amazing world for you in which you live and how I loved this world so much that I gave up my son so it may reunite us as a family once more. But even though you hear this truth and know of me, yet you will still not call me by name or know how much I love you for the time is not right for you.

Time will move on and as you get older still, you will turn from a child into a teenager and as life gets more complicated, I will yearn to talk with you during this time, during the warm summer days and cold starry nights, to share in every part of your life, important or not. I want to be part of your ups and downs, your challenges and achievements, the good times and victories or heartbreaks and defeats. But, yet again, I know you will not notice me there, patiently waiting for you to turn to me and step into the loving arms that I hold out to embrace you with. Instead, in order to make your life your own, through your own choices, you will rebel, trying to break out of the mold that you feel the world and your parents are forcing you into. You will fight against those who are there to protect you and the guidelines and rules that I set up to steer you towards a good life where you would prosper, grow, and learn in safety.

My heart aches for you as I sit here reaching out to you, trying to help you as much as you will let me, but you do not know me, so you do not see my helping hand reaching for yours. It pains me as I watch your life take unnecessary detours and broken roads, seeing the toll that all this tragedy and heartache takes on your soul. Yet all the while I am calling out your name, calling to you more and more, desperately desiring to rescue you, to heal you. But in your earnest desire to find independence, you are swallowed up in spiritual beliefs and explanations that go nowhere. You are swept away by the business and weeds of this life. Friends and flawed broken loves and ever-increasing distractions, gadgets, and technology. And so, with sorrow and grief, my call of love falls on deaf ears.

Oh my child, if only you knew how I my heart aches for you, seeing you in pain and anguish. If only you could fathom how I long to hold you in my arms and surround you with my unending love. I so desperately want you to know how much my heart yearns for you, to talk with you about everything in your life, whether big or small, it doesn’t matter I want to share in everything that is you. If only you could grasp what I see when I look at you. What I see is beauty more grand than the swiss alps, deeper than the grand canyon and more magnificent than the most beautiful sunrise. But sadly you don’t see it, you are swayed by the world around you, people who don’t know what true beauty is, for their views are tainted by the opinions and views that surround them every day in a broken world which is scarred by sin.

They drum into you this idea of how a woman should look, and yet they do not understand genuine beauty. They tell you how a woman should behave, how you should act, and yet they have no idea who you are inside, they don’t know you like I do. They don’t know your likes and dislikes, your passions and what makes you happy. They don’t know the depths of your soul and the potential of your heart or the reason I created you. Nor do they know how to help you fulfill your life’s purpose and show you your destiny.

I never intended for it to be this way, it was supposed to be perfect, to be amazing and wonderful, majestic and magical, but it was corrupted by one who could not appreciate his own beauty and wanted more than he already had and was turned into the darkest and vilest of creation. Because of this he uses the unaware people of this world to convince you that you are not beautiful, that you are not stunning and amazing, that you are not enough and that you need to change who you are into someone that you are not. That you need more than you already possess, that the search for happiness is found in your identity, and yet your identity is measured by what job you have, what car you drive, the relationship you are in and how much money you have. The world tried to convince you that you have no value and you are not worthy of love, especially of my love. They try to convince you that I do not exist and that if I do that I am a nasty, uncaring and vengeful God, but this is because they too refuse to heed my call. I have placed beauty and evidence of my glory around them in creation and the heavens, but just as you, they can’t see what I have created just for them.

But I want to tell you my darling child, I want you to know that you are amazing. Wonderful is your face and brilliant is your smile. Your laughter is a sonnet to my ears and even your agony and sadness is a melody to me as I come to comfort you and collect your tears. Your body is stunning and beautiful, strong and graceful, even with all those things that you consider wrong about yourself, what you would call faults or flaws, I see as accents and flares that make the masterpiece of you more dynamic and vibrant. There is nothing about you that I do not love or adore.

And as the passage of time continues to pass, and your youthful looks grow more dignified, you will once again hear the message, a truth that you heard long ago when you were young. Although you denied this truth then, you have grown in wisdom and you have opened your heart to greater things. As you hear this truth, you will be suddenly caught off guard and swept away. There at that moment, the truth will become real, a truth not understood before, and as this truth is revealed to your heart, you will see what has been missing in your life. You will finally see how deep within you there was a piece missing from your heart, causing you to search for love in all the wrong places, a love that only I can give you.

Your heart will break when you realize what has been missing and you see the love that I offer to you. That because of your sin and how much I loved you, that I gave up my only son Jesus, that because of his great love for you he chose to die on a cross two thousand years ago to take your place and punishment and to save your life so as to give you a second chance and forgive you of all sin. By giving you eternal life, he purifies you and makes you righteous and reunites you with me as you are adopted into my family.

As you now come to know me as your creator and Father, you see me for the first time, yet you are unsure of who I truly am and still you do not know how much I love you and what you mean to me. As you begin to experience my love, you are overcome with the expanse that overflows your heart.

I beckon you to draw closer, however this time you heed my call, you feel the gentle tug on your heartstring and as you draw close to me; I whisper wonderful truths in your ear, speaking of your beauty and strength, how much I love you and delight in your presence and tell you of your new identity as my precious child, a child of God. I long to be with you, sharing in your life even if that means that sometimes we can just sit together, even if you don’t feel like talking.

But as you continue to live your life, troubles come and faith becomes more complicated for you. As you deal with all the past issues and mistakes that you made in your search for me, you struggle with feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness, of doubt and fear that you are not good enough. As I call out to you, you are distracted by these struggles and I wonder, do you hear me? Do you believe what I am telling you? Do you realize how wonderful you are? Can you see how much I adore and love you? I hope that you can accept and understand that you are part of my family, that no matter what you do I will never be angry, but will always love you and give you grace. Do you know that I want to protect you from harm and provide all your needs because you are my precious child? You are a royal princess, a noble and righteous creation, and I long to fulfill the desires of your heart and lavish blessings upon you.

As you finally surrender to me, I calm your fears, remind you, that to me you are priceless and that you are enough, to come just the way you are. As you kneel and worship, I whisper to you and remind you of the thoughts; I think about you. Do you know that I created you to not just do good things but to do great things, to be amazing and talented, to be blessed and prosper, and to rule in the kingdom of God as a co-heir? Come, let me show you the wonderful plans I have set out for your life and the dreams that are beyond your imagination that are yet destined for you to fulfill.

Our journey awaits my daughter. Are you ready to begin?

Written by Amosathar

© 2020

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December 18, 2020 11:51 pm

You continue to impress, Amos! Excellent read! This felt so personal and real, and really shows that the “agape” love God has for us is limitless!

December 31, 2020 10:55 pm

This is pretty amazing. I’m impressed. Thanks for sharing.

“Friends and flawed broken love[R]s and ever-increasing distractions, gadgets, and technology. And so, with sorrow and grief, my call of love falls on deaf ears.

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