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May 16, 2020


May 16, 2020

Minutes Taken By: NeoJabez
Meeting Date: May 16, 2020
Attendees: AJMan, Amroth, Ben, Capt. Jack, FancyTrooper, Ffootballl, JudgementDay61, Ironbreakox, Kesarahk, MattBeest, NeoJ, NilsSargon, Pingjockey, Rejera, Robzor, SilverHoudini, SkyeRangerDelta, Torquilian, Tykur, WingedScribe
Praises & Praises:

Kesarahk – Praise, bebe slept through the night. ^_^ Prayer: It’d be AWESOME if she could do that again. Ironbreakox: Praise: going back to work full-time on Monday. AJman♫: I messed up my back yesterday. Hurts to do anything. Praise: Terraria Update for all the addicts in our community and elsewhere. Amroth: Praise: Medical offices are starting open back up in the area so I can get back to more concussion recovery treatments. Pingjockey: Praise: Leo tried a bunch of new food today which is huge for him! SkyeRangerDelta – Praise, trip was a success.

Open Meeting Topics:
1) We will be expanding TheNod role on Discord. TheNod was primarily created for Twitch streamers we trusted who didn’t abuse the ability to throw out links for self-serving purposes. We’re going to soon expand TheNod to cover all sorts of content creators, possibly we’ll be putting it together with the Blogger role. We’d like to encourage both creators and seekers of quality content, as long as it’s not “subscribe to my channel” -esque self-serving. We are getting more requests from trusted people to post noncommercial content they created themselves, and we’d like to expand the Nod role (previously allowed Twitch stream links to be posted) to include creators. Another issue similar to this one was that we will be allowing all Discord users who are Recognized or above to use Discord’s new video call/chat/webcam ability. At this time we will only be restricting anyone under Recognized. (Guests are already restricted to only seeing one voice and one text channel as it is, and will not have the ability to troll using video.) Skye mentioned that Discord has made a few changes in the API and JS of Discord which have in turn caused him to re-factor portions of Fishsticks to allow for the changes. Update 17.7 is being worked on, and there are a variety of suggested changes that have been made that ARE in the works. Your patience is appreciated.
2) We briefly spoke about the attempted revitalization of CC’s Steam Group. AJMan would be happy to have any suggestions or thoughts.
3) Speaking of Steam, we consider Steam Group Chat our backup if Discord ever goes down for extended periods. We also have a Facebook page, but it’s not a group and interacting with it will reveal your real name, if you don’t have issues with that.
4) NeoJabez will soon start a new “Official CC Blog”. Most of our blogs are individual ones on varying topics belonging to their authors, and have no deadlines, etc. The new CC Blog, however, may be a depository for Meeting Minutes, event announcements and that sort of thing. The main “Official” blog will be known as “The Pulse”, and any other content including Minutes will be included in the official Pulse blog as deemed necessary. One of our first posts will be on a question we get asked a lot on Discord, which is what the main differences are between the Recognized Role and the Member Role. Neo gave a little synopsis, but we’ll have a longer document in The Pulse soon. Please note: Our forums will be 100% dropped before or by October. If there is any content, or any posts, images, or anything you need from our forums, please retrieve it now. We will be producing significantly more content on the website, all of which can be freely commented on, the website can support basic forums and/or social networking features itself, if the traffic and content support it in the future. As of the moment, though…Our forums have effectively been locked for several months, and no one has used them during that time.
5) Today was the day for Terraria’s 1.4 update! We gave away two keys to Terraria, one to PingJockey, and one to Ironbreakox. WingedScribe is our new Terraria server admin, so please flood him with questions, complaints, and general malcontentedness. (Just kidding, Scribe!) This new update is breathing a lot of life into the game, and bringing a significant number of players into our server. As the Council Members proceeded into the Closed (operational) part of the meeting, Server Admin Scribe went over some basic ground rules in the Meeting Hall.
Closed Meeting Topics:
1) We had a discussion on the basic pre-requisites for NeoJ and SkyeRangerDelta for a website/server move from our current host to another. We have several great members who have given their knowledge and expertise towards our goal of finding the best choices, and plan to have another “Tech Channel” meeting Monday, May 18th, at 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific). If concerned parties aren’t able to make it, we’ll happily reschedule. We would like to thank everyone who has already shared invaluable input on this matter, including: PingJockey, Zandrasan, Domtron, unr34l-dud3, Reverlence, and more. Going by our current per-requisites, we believe we will likely go with an AWS EC2 instance, but much of our remaining questions will deal with exactly how much freedom an EC2 VS actually allows. (Can we just install whatever packages we need?)
2) There was some discussion about server administration and webmastering, and how we might get some current staff up to date on our systems, so we have more backups in case anything goes wrong. The Christian Crew used to have a number of physical server boxes which served several game servers, a teamspeak server, and much more. In the time since, we have changed both our needs, and our overall technological demands. As a result, our tech department has shrunk considerably. We’ll be doing what we can to get current staff on-boarded into more technical oversight positions, learning in some areas they may not be familiar, etc. At this point, if there is any question on this point, SkyeRangerDelta is pretty much officially our Lead Server Technician, and NeoJabez is our webmaster. Amroth is going to be moving forward as both a server technician and website technician at the same time, supporting and learning what he can from both Skye and Neo in their respective roles. We may also be tapping or asking for assistance in the future from technical members, if they make themselves available.
Next Meeting Scheduled For: (Tentative) May 30, 2020 7:00 pm
Ffootballl’s Recording:

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