June 27, 2020


June 27, 2020

Minutes Taken By: NeoJabez
Meeting Date: June 27, 2020
Attendees: AJMan, Amroth, Biblefan99, Cyrus, Ffootballl, Kesarahk, H_T, NeoJabez, PingJockey, SilverHoudini, Sly, WingedScribe
Praises & Praises:

We didn’t have personal prayer requests or praise reports this evening, so we opened with a general prayer for our community, the world as a whole, in praise and gratefulness.

Open Meeting Topics:
1) There was a quick discussion on the future of the CC Website server/hosting, and whether or not we’re making the move to Amazon Web Services. We’re still looking at things, but it appears we may not be able to go with AWS because they have very strict payment options which would require CC to have an organizational bank account, which we currently do not. If anyone is aware of ways we might procure an organizational/community bank account we can have multiple controllers, please let us know. If we could get the banking/credit card situation squared away, we be able to move forward on AWS as our new home. Pingjockey is is going to take a look around and see what the options might be. (Thanks, PingJockey!)
2) Kesa spoke on behalf of Cyrus on “text only players seem to have trouble being ‘heard;’ how can we best include them?” Cyrus was doing some work and was unable to attend, so we’ll kind of table this issue for the time being. We did generally talk about this topic, but we didn’t come up with any hard and fast fixes. We heard from Cyrus also, and we’ll be looking around to see if there are any ways we could encourage more people in-game to not lose track of their text only brothers and sisters.
Closed Meeting Topics:
1) The Council (and AJMan) didn’t really have anything to discuss, and Kesa had to run off for a toddler with crayons and markers emergency, so, this was a very quick meeting.
Next Meeting Scheduled For: (Tentative) July 11, 2020 7:00 pm
Ffootballl’s Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiM2FcSjzzI&list=PLWoy8py91pU_7T07c9T_-G35cQc5aqoay&index=79&t=0s

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