February 6, 2021


February 6, 2021

Minutes Taken By: NeoJabez
Meeting Date: February 6, 2021
Attendees: Classic Ffootballl, Dodge, DucatiLove™, Elidold, FutronBob, Kesarahk, Kohrax, NeoJabez, Sly, WingedScribe, zweirus
Praises & Praises:

We had a very nice, general prayer given by Elidold. Thanks Elidold for the grace and sincerity.

Open Meeting Topics:

Elidold spoke about the possibility of allowing more people to see Applicants in a meet and greet fashion. This was essentially an exploratory topic. Several applicants/new members don’t realize a lot of the various tools we have, things we do, meetings we have, etc.


There was a question about Modded Minecraft servers, and if people could run their own servers and have them become Official CC. We talked about this in a general way, but were missing a few leaders, so nothing hard and fast was decided.

Closed Meeting Topics:

No Closed Meeting whatsoever, as there is no pressing business at this time.

Next Meeting Scheduled For: (Tentative) February 20, 2021 7:00 pm

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