December 12, 2020


December 12, 2020

Minutes Taken By: Kesarahk
Meeting Date: December 12, 2020
Attendees: Amos, Amroth, Football, Cosigne, Elidold, Everett, Kesa, Karjala, Dodge, Pingjockey, Nekkbreaker, AJman, SkyeRanger
Praises & Praises:

-Cosign: muscle biopsy on Wednesday. Brother’s roommate’s health.

-Amos: I’d really like to make more friends, I feel very isolated and lonely. I don’t drive so I spend all my time at home. It would just be nice to talk to more people

-Everett: work related

Open Meeting Topics:
1) Amroth reviewed of Docket items and the schedule, especially the Christmas events. Please see Neo’s poster for dates. Nekk offers a choice of reading Christmas short stories or hosting a Muppet Christmas movie.
2) Some discussion of the MC server future. Amroth summarized it well: AmrothToday at 4:23 PM We are looking at people’s opinions on the current Minecraft server status. We have had 4 unique users in the last 4 weeks on the server. What do people think about that? Not a resource strain to leave it up. Amroth may put feeler out in MC channel for modded server playthrough interest since the Caves update is several months away. Amroth noted that people need to make sure they have the Minecraft role, and that needs to be assigned by staff (Fishsticks is currently laid up). Amroth and Everett will attempt to touch bases and put out surveys within a day or two.
3) Discussion of a stream watchers role or channel. Hopes for decreasing spamming while increasing engagement. SkyeRangerDeltaToday at 4:42 PM imo, dedicated channel. Get announcements posted in there on stream start. People can just watch the channel for posts or mute it if not interested. A role would only be used to ping people and honestly the traffic uptick might just warrant people leaving (the role)/muting pings if it get to be too much
4) Talk of the Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 group games we’re planning to host after the meeting and frequently in the near future.
5) Kesarahk: Discussion of streaming The Chosen in the near future, possibly after New Year’s. Pingjockey and Amos interested in helping Shadda out. Everett: appeal for unity, with God’s glory in mind.
Closed Meeting Topics:
1) There were no Closed topics to list tonight.
Next Meeting Scheduled For: (Tentative) December 26, 2020 7:00 pm
Ffootballl’s Recording:

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