August 22, 2020


August 22, 2020

Minutes Taken By: NeoJabez
Meeting Date: August 22, 2020
Attendees: Amroth, Botuts, David, Elidold, Ffootballl, Kesarahk, NeoJabez, NewTimesRoman, Nick343, SkyeRangerDelta, WingedScribe
Praises & Praises:

NeoJabez – Prayers and Praises both for medical stuff, please! Thanks! (Has nothing to do with COVID.) Elidold – flying cross country with a 1 year old, prayers for patience. SkyeRangerDelta – Upcoming school schedule and general university administration for the year. Kesarahk – For the California wildfires. Some members have family near the evacuation zones.

Open Meeting Topics:
1) Kesarahk asked on behalf of Members whether there would be any interest in another Jackbox Party Pack game night or even a Free To Play Game Night on Saturdays. Also, if anyone would be interested in hosting the event. We have several people interested in Jackbox events, who own the various Packs. We are also interested in F2P games that don’t require huge hardware requiments. We’d love to hear from anyone at any time about this. An interesting website was suggested: There’s a system involved called “Core” which allows all kinds of F2P games.
2) The CC website and forums are currently down through no fault of our own, we’ll keep you updated. People can still apply for membership at: We spent a reasonable amount of time explaining what the problem is, and members are glad to hear we’re moving away from our existing host to our new one.
Closed Meeting Topics:
1) Nothing tonight.
Next Meeting Scheduled For: (Tentative) September 5, 2020 7:00 pm
Ffootballl’s Recording:

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