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March and St. Patrick’s Day are approachin’, lads and lasses…

We’re most of the way through February, which means its time for the March Newsletter! Hope everyone has fared well through the latest winter storms and cold weather, and you’re about ready for spring!

Get ready for all things green! Before you know it, it’ll be Easter! Hope you enjoy the latest newsletter!

NeoJabez, Editor

Member Spotlight

One of our members, Zakan Mikhael, published in September 2015 a book titled “An Inheritance Of Truth”. At 126 pages, this book explores Scriptures about a variety of topics including the Torah, Weekly Sabbath and the Temple. The PDF version of this book is available for FREE on Lulu. For those of you who prefer to have the book in hand, there are four printed versions for purchase as well. The printed books are priced at the cost of printing, Zakan makes no money off of this book! Interested? Click this button:

Receptions and Riots: The Ongurth Wedding Livestream
Shadda’Shk & The Winged Scribe

   It was supposed to be THE highlight—a celebration to be remembered for years to come. Not since the wedding of Beren and Luthien had an event merited such fanfare. From East and West they had gathered in front of the screen, some pulling themselves out of warm beds at hours far too early while others staggered to the chair grasping a cup of tea and a box of tissues.

   What had prompted such a gathering? Why, the streaming of Ongurth’s wedding! It was a wonderful beginning: there were prayers, praises, singing, and laughter that never seemed to stop. The entire crowd watched it all in great spirits.

   Until the unthinkable happened. In one fraction of a second, the scene changed from one of an outpouring of love into one of inconceivable disbelief.

Actually, the scene on the monitor hadn’t changed at all. On screen, everything was exactly the same, save for one small circle of animation in the center of the screen, spinning endlessly in a maddening display of futility and vain hope.

   The power had cut out. In the middle of the wedding.

   The Community had never known such a riot that rose so quickly and with such fury. This reporter was able to make it into the room and interview several attendants willing to talk about their ire.

   “I mean, how could they?” demanded a man waving a large quilled pen at one of the sitting attendants. “Don’t they know that she is sick and still made the effort to come?”

   “Hey,” coughed the lady wearing a black shirt with a blue lightning bolt on it, “go find your own excuse for rioting.”

   “A BOUNTY!” someone dressed in red and black screamed at the top of their lungs, waving two fists full of bank notes. “A BOUNTY ON HIS ELITE SHIP!”

   Cheers were raised in agreement and it wasn’t long before a coupon for a free paint job on a ship was added to the pile. The man with the quilled pen looked at the pile and shook his head.

   “Did we just put a bounty hit on the man that just got married?”

   “But… that’s terrible!” the reporter couldn’t help exclaiming.

   “Of course we’re terrible.” black and blue shirt hacked. She paused and cleared her throat. “We’re his friends. It’s what best friends do.”

   “Yeah,” agreed another lady in orange and red outfit as she started to pass out “WANTED” posters.

   “But now we’re the best hitmen. This is what you get for sabotaging your own wedding’s livestream.”

  Eventually, the crowd’s initial fervor receded to a simmer, though their determination to act had not. “WANTED” posters in hands, they slowly began to disperse, each in eager anticipation of the time when they would see their plans come to fruition.

   By the time this reporter had left, the bounty for the destruction of Ongurth’s Elite: Dangerous ship was at the 1,000,000 credit mark.

   And the transformation from a group of well-wishers into an organization more closely resembling a cartel was complete.

   And, in the immortal words of another famous reporter: “Well, that escalated quickly.”

Are we neglecting our food?

 By Ongurth (March 2007 Newsletter)

   A man was at a great feast. This feast was buffet style, where everyone could help themselves to as much food as they wanted. The man picked up his plate and took a few appetizers, before sitting down to eat.

   For the remainder of the feast, the man walked around telling his friends how great the food at the buffet was. Everyone he saw at the feast, he told to go and try the food. Curiously, however, he himself never went back to get anymore food. The food at the banquet WAS excellent, and the man knew it.

   Why is it then that he only had a few appetizers, leaving the majority of the food untouched, and missing out on much of the banquet? Do you think the man was foolish? I agree! Of course he was! We would never do something so incredibly “stupid”! Or would we? Are we neglecting our spiritual food, even more then this foolish man?

   How often do we read the Bible? Only twelve percent of all Christians read the Bible daily. Yet, how often do watch TV, chat with our friends online, or play video games? We find time for these things, but we do not find time for our spiritual food? Do we ever bother to sharpen our skills with our spiritual swords? Honestly, our society is in the throes of spiritual battle. The Bible is our sword, but do we ever bother to read it? If a warrior who has never practiced his swordsmanship before can be sure of defeat when battle comes at him, how can we hope to defend ourselves when the black horde of our sinful culture attack us?

   Listen, I’m not recommending that we do nothing but read our Bible all day. But the Bible says that as newborn children we should desire the sincere milk of the Word. Does a baby go without eating for months at a time? No! He eats everyday! I suggest we read a portion of the Bible each day. It doesn’t have to be much, perhaps just a chapter a day. If you want to read more, by all means, do so! But at least let us make the commitment to read a chapter a day. It is our sword, our food, the only thing we can fully trust in this age of lies. Will you eat the Food? Or will you go hungry? The choice is yours, choose wisely.

Ask A Ginger

Dear Ginger, Which is worse (in tf2), getting killed by a scout via the fish or the pan? Sincerely, Hard hit

Dear Slaphappy, Fish. You almost never get a crit kill by a fish so it takes 3 to 5 slaps (trust me on that one) to get a fish kill, whereas nearly every pan hit seems like a crit. That means that you couldn’t get rid of a scout while being fish slapped constantly…. How embarassing. Love, Ginger – a non Nineveh girl. HA!

Dear Ginger, What is your favorite sports team! Sincerely, Leave it on the field!

Dear Backfielder, Quidditch. High speed flight, smacking balls at people, only general guidelines for location – THAT I can get into. As for real sports – nah, tho I do love equestrian cross country jumping and I have been to a nascar race – Only like that live. The people watching is unmatched, folks. Seriously. Worth the ticket price, I promise. Oh and I like rodeos, tho I tend to root for the critter… Love, Your favorite random Ginger

Dear Ginger, What makes you feel safe? Sincerely, Mr. Personal

Dear M. Personal, The knowledge of who God is and what I mean to Him. On a day to day, knowing that all of the bills are paid. I’m pretty simple about life. I understand value differently than many, I suppose. Money is fun, but it’s not life. It can’t be. It never will be. Don’t make it your life. It will fail you and never satisfy. Things come. Things go. Things never matter. 🙂 Love, Gingerly wisdom

Artwork By Thamyris
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