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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Hyuqu DF-Z c426.

~.*.~ It’s been nearly a week since the last time I felt it worthwhile to transmit a report. It’s been difficult to determine what is worthy of note. I’ve covered a vast distance in the elapsed time, many tens of thousands of lightyears. I left the Formorian Frontier days ago, entered Newton’s Vault, which felt as though it would never end, and eventually grazed Izanami on my way into Ryker’s Hope. I’m reporting from inside the Treasure Chest Nebula. I am beginning to become truly weary of isolation. I long to speak to another human being, to shake someone’s hand, even just to know someone is nearby.

~.*.~ Considering the distance, there’s been precious little to remark on. Sometime last week, I landed on a very red moon of a very red planet. The view was quite nice. I discovered another earthlike world this week, only the one sadly. There was a gas giant that was getting quite cozy with its parent star, and a moon quite close to experiencing an eclipse (I didn’t stick around long enough to take pictures). I found a ringed metal world that looked quite pretty against the backdrop of the galaxy. The galaxy itself fills my vision now; I will shortly be closer to the center than I have ever been before. Toward the end of my journey today, I came across a series of neutron stars that chained together nicely, and in the midst, a white dwarf.

~.*.~ I’m less than 10000ly from Sag A*. I shall likely deviate course slightly to visit the Starburst Nebula on my way in. It may take substantially less time than I expect, as the neutron stars grow more and more common this close to the galactic core. I expect arrival within the next two days. Then it will be the jaunt back to the bubble and a reassessment of priorities.

end transmission
This red planet looked brilliant from the surface of its moon
Obligatory earthlike selfie
A toasty gas giant
Metal planets with rings seem to be a bit of a rarity. Nice view of the galaxy too
White dwarves are perhaps the most dazzling stars of all
The Milky Way, Jenny Lane, and the Treasure Chest Nebula
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