First C4 Art Contest Results!


The Christian Crew Content Creators or (C4) had their very first art contest this last week, and it’s time to talk about the submissions, and reveal the winner!


Please help me congratulate:


Like all of our other submissions this week, Crispy’s work was a combination of his composition and GauGAN’s completion.

Crispy’s work stood out just a little due to his layering and composition. The work has an obvious ‘perspective’, with running water moving through a landscape that stretches towards the viewer.


Crispy went a little further than just jotting down a little suggestion of a landscape for GauGAN to do all the work. He actually spent a little effort on getting the composition balanced and interesting.

Some of our other works look more photo-realistic in their way, but this work seemed the most artistic, with it’s use of layering and placement.

Congratulations, CrispyBaconIII!

Crispy wins ‘bragging rights’, so he can always remember he was the very first contest winner in C4 history! (Please don’t become insufferably proud, though!)

Crispy also wins a Star Wars-related Christmas Avatar which can be used in multiple places including Discord, Facebook or pretty much anywhere avatars or profile images are used. (If needed, we’ll personalize it with his name, too!) Be on the lookout for his new avatar!

The Other Excellent Entries!

In NO particular order, let’s have a look at our other awesome entries!


Thank you to all of our participants, everyone who peruses their work, and anyone and everyone who comments down below! Let us know what you thought of these works!

Keep in mind that you can create interesting pieces just like these with a little time! Visit NVidia’s AI Playground and GauGAN at: Nvidia’s AI Playground

We’ll also be trying to regularly create basic to advanced tutorials on all kinds of artistic and design software, from free all the way to really expensive!

We have/will also have contests with prizes in other areas, like music, writing, and more!

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November 10, 2020 9:02 am

All very impressive!

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