December 2015 Newsletter!


December 2015 Newsletter!

We’ve decided to try the “Newsletter Thing” again here at CC, and you’re looking at it! December is our roll out month. Please tell us if you like the newsletter, if it’s informative, what’s good and what’s bad! The more opinion we get, the better we can make it next time! We’re hoping to have regular contributors to the articles, so if you’re interested in helping in any way, please contact NeoJabez for that as well! Email him at: There are NUMEROUS ways to help, some are pretty quick and easy and some are more involved, let Neo know what you have time and enthusiasm for, and he’ll get your on board!

Enjoy, and again…Please let us know what you think, and if you’ll be catching all the future newsletters!

The NEW STORE Opens!

The new CC Store is open! Just in time for Christmas! We’re starting with T-Shirts, but we’ll be branching out into other products and designs as we expand. Please check out the store and feel free to let us know of any design ideas or personal modifications you’d like to make to our products!

Game Nights!

Don’t forget CC Game Nights! TF2 Tuesdays, Rocket League Fridays, LoL Saturdays and more! During the holidays, we will also have special Christmas Party Game Nights on Monday, December 7, 14, and 21, playing Rocket League, Dirty Bomb, and more! There will be singing and caroling, please contact or PM Kustom Elvis or oxygencube for more info!

Get To Know Our Leaders Series: GingerAvenger

The Christian Crew was founded in 2003, and began as a clean place to play games for friends and family of the founders. Since then, it has grown exponentially, and required more and more leadership and direction to remain relevant and exciting. Our Get To Know Our Leaders Series gives us a chance to get to know something special about our Council Members, Staff Members, Moderators, and Tech Support so that we might all know what great Brothers and Sisters in Christ they are, as well as whatever their ‘job description’ in our community might be.

This month I’d like to welcome Council Member GingerAvenger! As it’s our usual first question, Ginger, How did you find the Christian Crew, and what do you remember about it the most?

GingerAvenger: Let’s go a little further back. My husband, Ryvaldus, has been gaming in some format his entire life. I have not. When I was little, we had the Atari 2600. Joystick, turning knob (for pong), etc. I spent most of my time outside roaming the neighborhood and wreaking havoc for the folks who do the power lines (we dug up much of their paths to make bike jumps, etc.). Life progressed into a series of outdoor adventures off-roading, hiking, camping, etc. My favorite place is chilling near a waterfall sitting in a river. After hubs and I got married, we realized that outside of our love for God – we didn’t have much in common. He did some outdoorsy stuff when he was little (single digits) but that’s it. I hadn’t gamed since… well, we won’t go into actual dates here – but decades should suffice. I had never gamed online. My cousin was also an avid gamer and he constantly showed me tf2 videos anytime I visited. Especially the meet the “whatever” for tf2. I figured, if this is so much a part of my hubby’s life – maybe I need to at least try. So I began teaching myself the game, learning how to use w, a, s and d and a mouse together. Insanity. How did people even DO this?! I kept at it because I was determined to give it my all. My cousin told me about this Christian server that would help me avoid the usual toxic environments of the valve servers. He also cautioned me that while I was trading a toxic environment to a nice one, I was also trading pathetic players for exceptionally skilled ones. I would die. A lot. THAT was an understatement. That server was the FISH Stock 1 server. There is where I fell in love with tf2, gaming and Christian Crew and it’s regs. The camaraderie is my favorite part and their willingness to teach me in a gentle fashion while killing me mercilessly. Also, pyro… fire= love. CC gaming and the regs on the server have become my family and I cannot imagine life without them in it. I pray for them daily and check in on those I haven’t seen in a while. I pray for cc daily, too.

What CC Member, (or Leader, or visitor) has had the greatest impact on your time with CC? And why?

GingerAvenger: Deadlier D. I have loved my long talks…(HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). He has been a great mentor and friend from learning this crazy server thing, to addressing trolls in a gentle but firm manner and just being a great friend. His quiet demeanor is calming… (more snickering). I actually like that he doesn’t talk or we’d never get anything accomplished. I am also thankful for King Steve’s patience. 🙂 Baggus has taught me how to have a 6th sense for finding spies before they find me. Protosoul makes me want to be a better pyro. Peekaboo made me realize that I should take pictures of things I think are fun or want to remember. I still look back at my first pics and thru to my most recent ones to see growth and enjoy the memories in each one. Robzor for his patience with me learning Elite. Winged Scribe for taking an epic noob at Terraria and equipping me (literally) to not die every time I respawn and providing the means for Giggles, my favorite thing in Terraria. I could go on and on. Basically, I love all of our people. Everyone has touched me in some way.

If you could own any weapon from the various games we play, such as TF2, Battlefield games, and Counter-Strike games, what would it be? And why?

GingerAvenger: Degreaser. Fire=Love. Airblast=Laughter until tears. I absolutely love it. Perhaps a mini sentry and a dispenser. Who wouldn’t love a never ending supply of ammo?! Also, a sweet sniper rifle would be fun.

What’s your favorite food?

GingerAvenger: Hot wings and fries. It always has been, but my first pregnancy had me craving that for the first three months daily. Thanks for being on board, little bit. lol

Pie or Cake? Ninjas or Pirates?

GingerAvenger: Pie, preferably chocolate. Ninjas.

Anything else you’d like CC Members to know about you?

GingerAvenger: Yes, I am a ginger. I have two little ones. Hope to one day live somewhere that has 4 distinct seasons. Also, I have steam chat on my phone. I will answer any question you ever have…hopefully not to the point of overshare. 😀

Thanks, Ginger, for taking the time to share with us, and let us get to know more about you! Stay tuned members, for our next newsletter when we’ll ask these types of questions of someone else! Never know who it could be!

Verse in Focus
Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Especially in light of the things that have happened in recent news, how the opinions of friends on Facebook can differ from our own on these issues, how our cultural and regional differences can sometimes cause us to disagree on what at first appear foundational issues, always remember that your Lord and Savior is unchanging. He is unchanging in His love for you, unchanging in His sacrifice, and unchanging in His power. No matter what evils the world creates, or how much anger a particular difference of opinion may cause, if you share Jesus Christ with others, you are sharing Love, yesterday, today, and forever with them, and that trumps all opinions, all disagreements, and all the temporary evils of the world.

Thanks for checking out the Newsletter!

We’re hoping to include lots more information as we move forward. We’ll be able to include CC News, reviews, artwork, music, photography, [-=ACE=-] related content and MUCH more. If you would like to share your poetry, artwork, video, music, or more with us, or would just like to help with the monthly things we’ll need, such as putting together the Prayer and Praise Reports we would like to include, please see NeoJabez. Every helping hand helps, and our newsletter could become a highlight of both our website, and our Facebook page, so please jump on board if you’re interested!
A Faith-Based Gaming Community

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