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CC Terraria 1.4 Server is Live!


CC Terraria Server is LIVE!
Highlights anyone?
The Fun Begins!
On the evening of May 16th, CC booted its official Terraria 1.4 server in Master Mode, and players flooded in for the chance to die en masse. Estimates place the number of gravestones generated within a few hours at 250. We rapidly created graveyard biomes; died 5 times in the same place and ghosts begin spawning. Yikes!
Even battling slimes with the basic spawn weapons is brutal. Group efforts made it possible to build a base, which helped us survive two blood moons though it didn't keep out the ghosts.
Note From Kesa:
I can confirm that there was no party friction. At all. Whatsoever.
So many traps! There was much death!
A huge Ant Lion Den!
Meanwhile an exploration party descended underground, brought back ores, and cleared traps -- often by dying on them.
Overworld player groups used the ores retrieved by the exploration party to upgrade armor and push farther out from spawn. There was much yelling as better armor didn't make us invincible.
We've made progress, but there is much to be done. Join us in Discord and help us prepare for our ultimate battle with the Moon Lord... and whatever else 1.4 plans to throw at us!
      Windy Day Spoiler

(A nice Terraria music track for full-immersion purposes. 🙂 )


  • Graveyard Biome, Robzor
  • Spawn Base, Cecil/Fancy Trooper
  • The Descent, Ben
  • Much Death, Captain Jack
  • Exploring, Amroth
  • Huge Ant Lion Den, Robzor
  • Pylons, Amroth
  • Celebration, Ben
  • CC Terraria Poster, Paintball, WispGift, HallowedShipment, and StardustDragon, Kesarahk
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