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Broadcasts from the Black

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Commander TheNekkbreaker reporting from Greae Bli QQ-Q c7-9.


~.*.~ Little has happened since yesterday, though I’ve maintained my breakneck pace. I neglected to mention in my last transmission that I’ve left the Abyss and am back in the Formorian Frontier. I’m attempting to track to my left, toward +X so as to avoid discovered systems. I’m also tracking down relative to the galactic plane for the same reason. For the majority of the start of the day I was making good time, ignoring a great deal of systems (since many were previously discovered, and uninteresting). But as the day wore on, the known systems began to grow scarce, and I began to do my own scanning again. Still, I covered a great distance today.

~.*.~ I found a ringed waterworld today that I thought beautiful enough to remark on. The pattern of darks and lights in the rings was striking. Toward the end of my journey today I made use of at least five neutron stars, very nearly in a row, which sped me on my way. Otherwise there was little to note, though I believe I saw a ringed brown dwarf. That was interesting.

~.*.~ My slight course adjustment has increased the length of my journey slightly, but I still made over 4000ly of progress today, perhaps closer to 5000. I believe with enough focus, I could reach Sagittarius A* in a week’s time, though perhaps ten days is a bit more realistic. I look forward to arriving in Explorer’s Anchorage, this exploration data I have is a constant weight on my psyche. The notion that something might happen to it is terrifying. The sooner I sell it off at least in part, the better.


end transmission
I'm not ordinarily impressed by water worlds, but I do like rings
Skimming across the surface of the rings
Maybe it's just my imagination, but this planet seems lonely
A ringed brown dwarf (that's a lot of rings!)
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