Why Blood?

What purpose does your blood serve? What does your blood actually do for you? There’s a significant set of reasons why our blood is called the ‘lifeblood’ and similar titles. Our blood is absolutely integral to our continued existence.

One of blood’s many purposes is to transport vital things from place to place within us. Blood gets oxygen to our organs, and acts as the pathway for glucose, amino acids,  and other supplies our cells need to convert into energy and thrive. Besides carrying away carbon dioxide, blood cleans our system of lactic acid, urea, and other waste materials. It literally flushes our systems of harmful contaminants constantly.

Blood acts as a shield against foreign invasions, and infections, and carries the antibody armor we need to fight off enemies we’ve defeated in the past. White blood cells defend us from even the smallest uninvited guests.

So…What does the Blood of Jesus do for us, spiritually?

One of the gifts offered in the Blood of Christ is the transport of eternal life to your soul, nourishing it with the Word. One of the gifts is to take all of the sin, all of the waste, and all of the by-products of a fallen heart, and washing it clean. The Blood spirits all of our negatives away, replacing them with obedience and truth.

The Blood of Christ is unmatched at providing the Armor of God Himself against all infections of evil or harm. Once you have the Blood of Jesus within you, it cannot be removed, it cannot be stained, it cannot be beaten by infection or invasion.

Jesus took all of our punishments, and bled His very Lifeblood for each and every one of us. His Blood has come to bring us redemption with the Father, to cleanse us of our stains and shames, and to defend us from future attack.

“It is not sin as we see it that was laid on Christ but sin as God sees it, not sin as our conscience feebly reveals it to us but sin as God beholds it in all its unmitigated malignity and unconcealed loathsomeness. Sin, in its exceeding sinfulness, Jesus has put away. But when we perceive sin, then we are to trust the blood.”

Charles Spurgeon

But it also pays the price. Sacrifices of blood were given unto God to pay penalty for sin. However, the blood of animals was never enough, would never quite pay the consequence of the sins of men. So, it took a special man to be a sacrifice for every person, for all time. It took a man who was God Himself. No one else’s Blood could have finished the Work, only God With Us, Emmanual, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments.

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