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Hit Play, Goofy!

We apologize for skipping a month!

I had a bad period of virus problems, and malware problems, it just kept multiplying, but I finally beat it. And then my power supply fried. (I literally smelled it burning.)  It took a little time to get my new computer built and sent here, and then I had to install all my hard drives and software, but I’m hoping the wait was worth it! Enjoy your double spring issue!


P.S. RIP Romans Still Missed 04/20/15

-NeoJabez: Editor

New Members!

Don’t forget to welcome our new Christian Crew members: FreindlyLion (aka Mr.Lion), SkyeRangerDelta, and Samuraid!
Welcome folks, glad to have you with us! Click the button to see their welcome thread!

What’s with Shadda and Cal’s new DL tags?

If you have noticed that Cal Hobbes and Shadda’Shk have colored tags in Teamspeak, it is because they have been given a tag to help people recognize who the Event Coordinators are. This use to be a red DL tag.
Q: Division Leader of what? A: DL of Events! Particularly the Monthly Game Night events, with the random F2P games for everyone to have fun on. Have a question about the Game Nights? Ask Cal Hobbes or Shadda. Have a question about Events in general? Try Cal Hobbes and Shadda again. 🙂 Have a game to suggest? Please drop us a message! We’re always on the lookout for games to try for Game Nights.
Q: But they now have an EC tag on TS, what’s that? A: In an effort to show that they are not Division Leaders of games, our Techs were able to whip out a nice Event Coordinator tag for Cal and Shadda. It matches more what they do, as what they have been doing all this time is a little different from the Council appointed DL tag.
Q: I want to be a DL! How can I be a DL? A: If you would like to take responsibility of a DL for a game, express your interest to another DL or Council Member. This does not guarantee a DL position as CCG members are usually approached by Council Members for the position of Division Leaders when there is a need. Shadda certainly wasn’t looking for it when it dropped on her head! Just because you haven’t been chosen as a DL doesn’t mean you can’t do things for the community. In fact, Cal and Shadda aren’t suddenly doing anything different now that they have tags, they were doing Event Coordinating (especially for the F2P game nights) before they got the tags.

CCG Texas Meetup in Dallas

Thanks to a meetup in Dallas, Texas area, four CCG members have confirmed that they are real people! Robzor, his dad, Shadda and Kesarahk met up at the Lovefield Frontiers of Flight Museum, where we explored all the different models both big and small. It was quite interesting, if you are into that stuff! Since it was right next to the Lovefield Airport we got to see quite a few airplanes taking off and landing. Check out some of the Pictures by clicking on the link below! Afterwards we ate at a place called Pie Five Pizza, after getting lost when Google sent us several blocks to the north of the actual location. With the success of this first Texas Meetup, I, Shadda, hope to schedule another one for this year. Live near Dallas and want to come next time? Watch for my forum post (probably in the Events section) on a Texas Meetup. Or send me a PM and I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

GRAV: Monthly Humble Bundle & Gameplay Video

You probably have checked out this month’s Humble Bundle set already and have noticed that GRAV (Early Access) is listed on there. This brings up the questions – what is GRAV like? Will you enjoy playing it? Is it worth the price you will pay – especially since it’s an Early Access item? Shadda has thrown together an 8 minute video of gameplay that, while not solving all your questions, may help give you an idea of what type of game GRAV is and if you would enjoy playing it. Interested in playing or have it already but don’t want to go through the trial and error (and dying) part of the game? Check out this long guide from Steam: One-Stop to Grav Guide, by clicking the button.

CCG Member Youtube Shoutout

N0c†iS has launched a Youtube Channel for his game plays and has already posted two videos on Rocket League including the Batmobile Shuffle. His most recent video is his first impressions of the PS4 to PC Remote play. Check out his channel, and leave a comment!

Ask A Ginger!

Dear Ginger,

Predestination or Freewill?

Signed, Button Pusher

Dear Mr. Pushy,

Both and irrelevant.

For those who are Christians, the very last thing Jesus commanded before He left us was, Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28.19-20

So the rest are just irrelevant details that cause division and leave us useless in our task.

Love, Ginger


Dear Ginger,

Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

Signed, Thrill Seeker

Dear Lunatic,

Bungee Jumping and Sky diving. You may have all of my sharks…

Love, Ginger the Adrenaline Junkie who is not a fan of being eaten. (Death is one thing, being food… – pass)


Dear Ginger,

If you were going to go to the movies alone, what would be the perfect film for you to watch by yourself?

Signed, Movie Lover

Dear Cinemaphile,

Anything. I love movies. Also, movies are not social events. I am THAT person who detests talking in a theater. I will come at you, bro. lol Also, if I see your phone – it’s on like Donkey Kong. 😉 Movies are too expensive for them to be ruined by inconsiderate people. If you are one of those, learn to love the dark silent immersion into a film without distractions. Enjoy the chance to just “be” without demands, interruptions, etc. I guarantee you’ll enjoy the freedom. If not, wait for the dvd and just stay home. <3



Dear Ginger,

What is your favorite curse word?

Signed, Habitual Curiosity

Dear Habit,

Wow… Honestly, the word “Curses” works for me. It covers the gamut, is not offensive, is not crass, I don’t mind my children hearing me and has zero vulgarity to it. It harms no one and conveys my frustration in a non detrimental way. I hope everyone can find their own way to convey emotion where it’s not harmful to others. The English language is FULL of a plethora of imaginative ways to convey emotion and use our big grey squishies. Bust out a thesaurus and have some fun!

Love, Gingeritude Rocks.


Dear Ginger,

Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken.

Signed, Vacation-minded

Dear Wanderer, It’s actually a toss up for me. There were two family vacations I took when I was younger that really stood out. One to Montana/Glacier National Park and one to Alaska / Denali National Park. I went horseback riding in Glacier and we were chased by a grizzly (refer to adrenaline junkie post above). FYI, horses can outrun bears if needed. Sometimes we all need motivation. LOL In Alaska, we had frequent run-ins with moose (I nearly got my dad and I killed by a moose. Lol) Apparently when helping your dad get pictures, it’s actually NOT a good idea to get their attention. Another FYI, Moose are aggressive. Also, we drove to Eagle Summit, which is above the arctic circle, on summer solstice and saw the sun never actually set. It dipped low but came right back up. Really cool – but very hard to sleep when midnight is daylight.

Love, Ginger the fellow wanderer.

*Editor’s Note: Important information in RED!

ACE Returns!

Artistic & Creative Endeavors has a new website, new forums, and more! If you are the least artistic, on or off of a computer, please visit and join the site! If you want to request graphics, ACE is the place to do so! Our new Twitch team is welcome at ACE as well! ACE is a community and sub-group of the Christian Crew which is involved with the arts, digital artwork, photography, videography and special effects and editing, writing and poetry, music, and anything else artistic, on or off a computer!

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