A Sudden Change in the Digital Wind


Greetings all,

There’s been a fairly massive change of plans. The last post discussed the plans for a phased sort of release leading up to the online potential for V1.17.7. I was pretty confident in that plan’s goal, as a matter of fact, it was ahead of schedule. Patch 2 and 3 described in the last post actually were merged into a single patch (seen in GitHub as Patch 3). Then the testing began…and shortly ended.

The CCG bot testing crew was called in to test every single command in Fishsticks. V1.17.7 included 63 changes – namely the adaptations of the changes brought on by deprecation notices and other changes brought on by Discord.js V12.x. Very soon, it was realized that despite the incredible amount of code changes, there were at least 11 different commands that would delay the release of V1.17.7 to the master branch. The method for which permissions are collected and analyzed by these 11 Fs commands needs to be refactored, almost entirely from scratch.

In light of that, I’ve made the decision to keep the completion of V1.17.7 in the experimental branch and pushed a live release back to V18. The incredible amount of changes necessary for a stable Fishsticks warranted this action. I should hope that the simple delay of a couple of commands won’t weigh so heavily on people that they’ll lose sleep over it – and if you do, perhaps you’ll want to be making some pull requests to work on the bot with me. Ha.

I’ll release an update plans post discussing the full outline for what we’re looking at in terms of version 18 and what incredible things will be going on. As discussed in the last update notes and a few update notes before that – V18 will be a complete refactor of Fishsticks. There is so much stuff in Fishsticks that needs to be re-written and reconstructed that V18 will be long in the coming but well worth it.

Thank you for bearing with me, and I look forward to the day when V18 is live on the server. As per suggestions or thoughts, feel free to use !suggest to send in any thoughts or concerns you have for Fishsticks.


See the original post on the PlDyn CoreFoundry.

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