Admin Request

Being an admin is a responsibility, not a plaything. You must be able to put aside the game or chat and do what is necessary to take care of the problem at hand. If this means your gaming suffers from it, then so be it. By applying for and receiving admin, you are volunteering for and accepting responsibility for helping us care for our various servers. Many times you could be interrupted from gaming or socializing in order to serve someone and take care of a problem.

Admin is not there for you to use when it is convenient or when it suits you. It is your statement to us and to everyone else on the servers that you care enough about CC and the environment here to drop what you are doing and take care of any problems that arise and fall under your area of responsibility.

As an admin you will be held to a higher standard of behavior than regular CC members, since you are an influential and authoritative representative of The Christian Crew. The opinions others form about clans and servers are often based on the actions of its admins. You have more tools at your disposal to affect the gameplay and atmosphere of our servers, and with that extra authority comes extra responsibility should it be misused. Admins who are not properly representing The Christian Crew or who abuse their powers will have their admin privileges removed at a minimum.

We have removed the traditional waiting period after joining CC before you can apply for admin. All potential admins will be judged on their attitude, maturity and dedication to improving CC for everyone. Your time in CC does not affect your chances for getting admin.

To apply for admin simply fill out an application form (link below). You only need to do this once. After applying our Division Leaders and Council Members will look over your app. The better we know you, the quicker we can discuss and process things.


I Agree – Proceed to Application