The Romans Road to Salvation


An exciting bit of news in the “WordPress” and content arenas…
Google has messed around for years with the idea of “Stories” or, bite-size chunks of content. Facebook now uses stories, Instagram uses them, TikTok basically IS stories.
So, Google has rolled out an actual WordPress plug-in, which makes ‘story’ creation and editing an absolute breeze.
The first of the obvious benefits of using this system to create content is that you can create content that captures the attention of people on a particular subject in a more visual, tactile way. You stay in control of your story, so even though they are able to be embedded pretty much anywhere (which could help them to go viral!) if you delete or take down your story, it ceases to exist on every website/platform that embedded it. Stories work quite a bit like small presentations, sliders, and other media, so most people are familiar with them already.
Another benefit: This is Google pushing this. And it’s all still in Beta. So…let’s say it takes off. Those of us who begin to use it immediately, and get a handle on how it works will be pioneers in the ‘new thing’. Since Google itself is ‘pushing this’, that would lead one to assume that Stories will start to take high positions on Search Engine Results Pages. So, becoming familiar with this type of content and its production could propel the websites who use it to the top of searches in their content area!
Also, the WordPress plugin is a super breeze to use, very drag and drop, intuitive, and it takes something like 3 minutes to make a very basic ‘page’ for your story. Stories have to be at least 5 pages long, though, so even though they CAN be bite-sized, you can still have stories up to something like 30 pages. You can rely on graphics, video, links, and text, but the best stories feature a combination of them all in a nicely designed package, just like Instagram or anywhere else.
Please take a look at my test Story, on “The Romans Road to Salvation”. I’ve been wanting to produce a CC version of this content for years, (we used to have another presentation I made, but it disappeared ages ago.), and this seemed like the perfect catalyst for action. Forgive me that it’s very basic and mostly text…I was going for speed, not flashiness! Let me know in the comments what you think!
Another great way to view this content is by viewing it directly… Just click HERE!
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