What Else We’re Playing

For more information or to look over the forums and posts for all the games we play outside of our official divisions, please see our:

Other Games We Play sub-forum
The Christian Crew began as a Counter-Strike:Source and Day of Defeat:Source centered clan, but has grown into a community of Christians who play a wide variety of games. Our official divisions get full leadership support, graphics support, and more…But we do play other games, that don’t always make the division ‘cut’. If you play any of these games, you’ll definitely find a CC Member who also plays. Most games we play are played by our members on PC only. We used to run our own game servers for numerous games, but rarely do this now, so please understand we will do our best to moderate and control foul language and bad behavior on our servers, but we aren’t always able to do so on de-centralized game servers.

Some of the many games CC Members play might include:

Dirty Bomb, Ring of Elysium, Terraria, Minecraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Elite:Dangerous, and tons more! Ask us if we play your favorite game!