Ark: Survival Evolved

The ultimate survival action game, where man against nature or man against man is the rule. The player must use their cunning and skill to kill or tame and ride a plethora of dinosaurs and other primeval creatures, while gathering food, building shelters, or clothing themselves through crafting with gathered natural resources, and teaming up with other players to survive. The game was released on August 29th, 2017 after being in ‘Early Access’ for over two years and is available on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 with continually new updates in the open-world dinosaur survival game.

Division Info

Division Leaders: Grizz Gallant, Dagradon

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Useful Technical Information:

How does this game perform on PCs?
Ark has the ability to go from very low resolution graphics to HDR depending on your hardware. Here are a couple links that may help you determine if your PC is capable of running this game.

Can I Run It?
System Requirement Labs has a simple website that allows you to download an app that will scan your computer hardware and tell you exactly how it compares to the recommended hardware for this or any other game. … lved/12631
PC Gamer's Ark Performance Review
An extensive review of the best graphics cards on the market and how they perform with Ark Survival Evolved.

Taming Creatures
In Ark Survival Evolved the player can tame over 100 different types of creatures each with their own food preferences and taming methods. These links should help you tame just about anything.

Wiki on Ark Taming
A general information guide on taming with tranqs and non-violent, how to do it, and many other useful details.
This is one of the most comprehensive websites on the creatures in Ark. Other links it provides is a Stat Calculator, Torpor Timer, and extensive charts for comparison. It is also available on mobile via Android, iOS, and Google Home.
Survive Ark Taming Calculator
A thorough calculator for taming that includes information about how many tranqs it will take to down the creature, starve timer, torpor timer, kibble recipes and more all on one page.
Troodon Taming
The troodon in Ark has one of the most unique and difficult taming methods. In order to tame it, you must let it eat some of your tamed creatures. The Ark Wiki page goes into detail about how to do this, and which creatures are most effective.
Most creatures in Ark have special abilities that make them unique in some way. Many make farming easier while others are specialized killing machines. The Ark Wiki page on Domestication goes into detail about which creatures or tools are the best method in harvesting resources.

Recipes and Crafting
With hundreds of saddles, dyes, foods, and more to craft in Ark, you have to have a photogenic memory to remember it all. Here are some Official Ark Wiki links you can bookmark so you can find those important recipes in a hurry.

The most effective taming food is kibble made from eggs. Linked are recipes for every creatures preferred kibble.
Almost everything in Ark is paintable including the player, creatures, armor, and building materials. Linked are recipes for every color of dye available in the game.
Sweet Vegetable Cake
Veggie cakes are the preferred food for taming Ovis (sheep) and Achatina (snails) but have a much greater use. When force fed to a tamed herbivore, it restores the creature’s maximum Health. An extremely valuable recipe to know.
Bug Repellant
This reduces the aggressiveness of certain insects and other creatures towards the player. It can be extremely useful for survivors that venture into caves, as it greatly reduces the threat of being attacked by a variety of dangerous cave creatures. It’s also necessary for the taming process of those very same creatures.
Linked is a chart with every food recipe in Ark from soups to Mindtonics and Broth of Enlightenment.
Most creatures in Ark require a saddle to ride them. It also gives them a little bit of armor when you’re up against wild creatures. Linked is a page with all saddle recipes, at what level you can craft them, how much they cost and more.

“The Ark Rodeo Event”


“How To Paint Images In Ark”

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